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Advice- is this normal?


I've been suffering with bouts of fatigue on and off for years now and am considered to have post viral fatigue after a serious illness a few years ago. Whilst I was seriously ill I had a 'sickly' thyroid and was told by the Endocrinologist I saw to come back and see him in the future if I had any concerns. Yesterday I asked my Doctor to refer me back to the Endo my TSH level is 3.74 and my free T4 is 12.3 but she said they wouldn't see with normal results like that. However my symptoms include heavy periods, feeling jittery, thinning hair, dry skin, IBS and allergic reactions. I just wanted to have things further investigated to make sure nothing is being missed out as I've not really got much of a life at the moment. Has anyone got any advice please on what I should do? Thanks

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between your results and your symptoms theres little doubt in my mind you are hypothyroid problem is RCP have set ridiculous guidelines which many GPs cant see their way through

If you cant get her to see the full picture your only option will be to self treat with NDT bought via the web and help from here and and


Hello Kello,

It is perfectly possible to have all the symptoms of being hypothyroid without a really high TSH level.

You must explain to your doctor how ill you feel and ask him to investigate the possibility of secondary hypothyroidism.

Also ask him to also test for the presence of antibodies (Hashimotos Thyroiditis) and check Vit D, Vit B12, Folate and Ferritin as deficiencies in any of these are common in people with thyroid issues.

You need to post the results with ranges (numbers in brackets) in order for people on this forum to comment and advise.

Good luck.


Was your blood test as early as possible as TSH is highest then (maybe not high enough for GP). Later in the day TSH drops so it amazes me they take most notice of it rather than our symptoms.


Hi thanks for your replies! I did not realise I should post the ranges too so my results are:

TSH 3.74 (0.35-5.00 U)

Free T4 12.73 (9.0-21.0)

This blood test was done in at half 10 in the morning I didn't realise it drops during the day.

I am due a blood test next week but its to check my white blood count and lymphocytes. My Doc told me they don't test T3 levels and was not willing to look into the issue of thyroid! It's hard to fight them though when you don't have the energy.



If you wish for experienced people to advise on these results, I suggest you repost as a new question.

I am not experienced enough to comment. A lot of Doctors don't or won't test T3. Some times they will and then the labs won't deny request. An endo can always check T3.


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