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Thank you so much

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on here for all of your wonderful help and advice.

My GP wanted to decrease my Levo due to a suppressed TSH (0.02) and high T4 (23.6). T3 was 6 so high end of range but still within it. I still have so many symptoms and am feeling terrible so went to see a private Endo last week. I went with all of my Thyroid UK info (symptoms checklist, Dr Toft article etc) and everything I have learnt from you lovely lot.

He was very interested and understanding and has agreed to add some T3 to my T4 and even mentioned the option of Armour if that doesn't work. He is also testing for other possible problems (9am cortisol test, early menopause test, B12).

I am so pleased and feel like I would never have been so empowered to get help without this site.

Thank you all :-)

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Well done Kel8.

Its always good to hear that someone has fought their corner and won! Knowledge is certainly power and no one should ever give up.



Good result Kel8!

Good luck xx


Fabulous news Kel8,

You have not only helped yourself but educated a very open minded doctor who may be able to help others in the future.

Well done.


I am glad it has opened doors for you. I doubt I could ever have thought that if I had an illness that I would have to learn and get to know more than most doctors in order to get better.

I hope you improve soon.


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