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Multinodular and cysts swelling on thyroid

Hi all,

I have just had the thyroid ultrasound and several cysts and nodules were found. One was large and contained matter which was likely old blood, as it doesn't have own blood supply. Generally no sinister cause for concern. I continue with the usual suspects of symptoms.... fatigue cold all time, (why am I only person wearing uggs in the sun?), mucin saturated chin, arms and other areas, cognitive problems, pain.... really cannot function effectively as the professional I used to be. My platelets are high again and being treated for low ferritin with galfer iron.

Any info on the swelling would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Ariel, have you had the TSH, FT4 and FT3 results yet? If thyroid levels are normal it may be an idea to have an iodine test to check levels as multinodular goiters can be caused by iodine deficiency.


Thanks Clutter.

I haven't got the exact numbers yet, although was told they were normal again by receptionist. I will report when I get them.

My platelets are giving cause for concern (elevated) again, so I have been called in for another round of bloods tomorrow.

I get the impression the GP is more concerned now, but not sure over what exactly, as it seems elevated platelets can go with low iron/ferritin and subclinical hypothyroidism. They have been high for a year though.

I am at a stage of desperation after so many months being told it was psychosomatic.... but I too had just thought a proper rest would sort me out.

I will report back when I gave exact figures.


Ariel, It's not phsychosomatic. Symptoms can precede abnormal bloods by years. Unfortunately, protocols mean diagnosis is not given until bloods are abnormal. One member was treated by an NHS endo despite TSH being <3 and FT4 and FT3 within normal range and she felt great benefit. Sadly, there are few like that endo and most patients either struggle until bloods are abnormal or resort to self medicating.


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