Been using the Mexican supply of Cynomel & like rest of you, just learnt of problems

supply. This is where group Forums really prove useful. However, reading

through links, it's proving a little confusing finding clear info on similar reliable

supplier of a likewise product. (And certain info you can't put on web which I'm

still a little unclear on.) Is there a resources list on this website (or other) that

offers list of reliable suppliers & details, that can offer us guidance. So many

of us seem to have been using Cynomel & need to find alternative. And there

seem to be many similar individuals like me, needing help/advice on sourcing

alternative supply. I'm currently taking 25mcg & due to sensitivities, need

a T3 that has the least amount of fillers. I'm in UK. Advice would be

appreciated & feel free to PM me if preferable. Thank you.

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  • The "what cannot be posted here" is almost certainly covered by this guideline:

    23. Do not post advertisements, links or information of any sort whatsoever, on where or how to obtain UK prescription only medications without prescription.

    It doesn't seem confusing to me, could you explain what makes it unclear to you?

  • Thanks for the clarity Helvella, although your reply seemed a little

    curt ?! I'm not as familiar as some on these Websites. However,

    this is a help for Thyroid sufferers Forum & Advice Web & that is

    what I'm looking for. Would you be in a position to offer any helpful

    advice regarding the rest of that post enquiry ? Seems as though

    there are many asking for advice on alternative source for the

    Mexican Cynomel. I've made a note of the various Brands mentioned

    in posts, but it's reliable supplier/s that would be helpful.

  • I get up at 07:00 in order to get to work.

    I try to check if anything very serious has happened and, if I can squeeze a minute or two between checking, breakfast and leaving the house, I try to.

    Hence my early morning replies are usually towards the brief end of the scale.

    I only know what I know about T3 from trying to keep abreast for others. I do not take T3 myself - so of course I don't order it. That leaves me towards the ignorant end of the scale regarding reliable suppliers.

    I am not in the last convinced that the "least fillers" approach is much use. There are two ways of interpreting it - least quantity of inactive ingredient (e.g. by weight) or fewest inactive ingredients. Having few ingredients makes it easier to check and, in time, perhaps to identify which ones are problematical. Having smaller quantities helps to reduce the maximum effect that they have. But what you are really needing is a product without any of the substances which cause you problems. Comparing numbers of ingredients or total tablet weights might not be much help getting there.

    Nevertheless, it is remarkable that the Tirosint levothyroxine product does seem to be both have an extremely short ingredient list and be better tolerated than, possibly, any other levothyroxine product. Perhaps a T3-version would be desirable?

  • Hi - difficult for you if you don't take T3 yourself ! Yes,

    its sensitivity to lactose, wheat/gluten, the various

    inactive goodies they include with the T3 that I'm

    intolerant to ! I take almost all T3 (just quarter grain

    Armour alongside), so really need to find the best

    alternative to the Mexican T3. I really appreciate your

    taking the time to reply. I have no assistance thro NHS

    as some patients do & pretty much need to do my own

    homework on all things Thyroid. There was a list on

    one of the Forums I believe that listed most brands,

    together with ingredients, which was invaluable. But

    that was few years ago, & can't find anything like that

    now. The Tiromel has few inactive, but I'm guessing

    2 of them will be wheat & sugar ! Thanks for advice.

  • Have you tried the StopTheThyroidMadness site? They have that sort of thing on there.

    As far as I know, there is no list of suppliers on this site - it would go against site guidelines. You are dependant on the kind-heartedness of other members sending you a private message with information on their supplier. But I Don't think there's any T3 of any sort to be had at the moment, so you might not get any replies. :(

  • Ok thank you. I have a look at that website to

    see what I can find. I've seen mentioned a

    liquid form T3 called Liotir from Italy, but can't

    seem to find anything in search engine. I'll

    keep trying. Thanks again

  • :)

  • Hi Greygoose - why do you think there may not

    be T3 of any kind available at the moment ?

  • Because so many people are posting saying their source has run dry, where can they get some T3. My source has run dry, that's for sure!

    The Mexican company has relocated and isn't producing at the moment - possibly in November? Don't remember exactly. That means that hoardes of people who usually buy from Mexico are now buying from the other sources. And there doesn't seem to be enough to go round...

  • Oh goodness. Help! Best find

    something quick ! Thanks

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