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Breathless + high heart rate.

Been having high heart rate along with breathlessness and tightness in chest.

Had docs appt this morn and mentioned my last TSH was 2.79 and that it needs to be 1 or just below.

Asked for an increase but refused as he thought it might push me overactive and doesnt think these symptoms are related to thyroid.

Went on to ask him could he check intrinsic factor and he said because my number was 2000 in feb im obviously absorbing.

I do feel this could be b12 related aswel.

I finally pursuaded him to test the intrinsic factor , b12, folate, ferretin, potassium and thyroid.

I keep getting numb and tingly fingers and feet.

I should also say I am already supplementing sublinguals and folate. Was taking iron but stopped because was afraid of it going over range. I also take vitamin d.

I know I can't do much now until I get bloods back but I want to be armed with questions when I speak with doc.

Has anyone experienced these symptoms with any of these deficiencies.

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Annette, there's no way a dose increase is going to make you hyper. As you said, your Levothyroxine should be increased until your TSH is just above or below 1.0 and your FT4 is towards the top 75% of range, even if the latter means your TSH becomes suppressed. Email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Magazine article where Dr. A. Toft discusses levels and dose to show your GP. A short version of the article is in Treatment Options in this link

There's not much point in testing B12 while you are supplementing, results are bound to be high. If your B12 was 2000 in Feb you are very unlikely to be experiencing numbness and pins and needles due to B12 deficiency. It's more likely to be due to low thyroid as are the fast heart rate and breathlessness.


Clutter I just feel like crying. Yester the doc said you have had 4 blood tests in the last 5 mths there is nothing wrong with you. Said i was thinking bout things too much its all anxiety. Im gonna ask to get refered to an endo again. I am still fuming this morn.

Thank you Clutter I will def email Louise.


Isn't it strange that doctors do not listen to their patients - do not take any notice whatsoever of their clinical symptoms and left to get on with life as best they can.

They have not had training as Medical Students which they used to get before levothyroxine and blood tests were introduced. Rely far too much on the TSH and mistakenly believe that as long as our TSH is 'within the range' we are 'perfectly well'.

This is wrong and how many people are suffering terribly especially if they don't have internet access - some with effects of depression - most probably due to not sufficient T3 entering the brain. T4 cannot enter the brain or receptor cells of which there are billions in our body. Only T3 enters and has to be sufficient to enable us to function properly, i.e. heart and everything. T4 is thought to be sufficient to convert but some of us are not able to.

You go to GP - maybe he listens maybe not - but looks on the computer and says you are fine because the TSH says so.

Let's see what he says re Dr Toft as many doctors dismiss this as it's from the 'internet'. Tell GP this is an excerpt from Pulse online by a doctor who was President of the British Thyroid Assocation and his recommendation for treating.


Shaws you are absolutely right. My doc yesterday also told me he thinks I have health anxiety and that I need to get this treated. I feel so down today. I am really hoping my results come back abnormal just to prove him wrong.


They are quick to give you antidepressants without a blood test yet, with thyroid gland, they take the decision only upon the TSH.

Post your results with the ranges on a new question for comments but have a look at this link:

When we don't feel better and are dismissed (some are called hypochondriacs to their face) many probably behind their backs. It's because our symptoms are so varied (I think about 300 symptoms) the doctors don't know if they're coming or going and they have been instructed to go only on the TSH.


I told my GP that i would like to be treated by how i felt and not by the TSH range ,and he said that he was sorry but thats all they got .I had written them a letter to say i no longer wanted them to treat my thyroid (lack of) as i was fed up of the roller coaster ride i was on.i offered to explain why and was told that he did not see any point .So where do you go from there the TSH as made that they don't have to think and if any thing goes wrong they are not to blame as you are in range.

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Also some of them get reported, particularly if the prescribe NDT and then appear before the GMC.

The fact too, that if we don't have sufficient thyroid hormones we also can get heart disease because it cannot pump efficiently plus other diseases. The powers that be ignore this as well. You either have to settle for ill-health and further problems and medications for the symptoms or, like some members, go it alone which isn't really preferable but we've no option.

There has been some good scientific papers re the TSH but it will take some time to become the norm. It's not much to ask - "please give me thyroid hormones to an optimum level that make me feel well".

I hope you manage to improve your health.

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Annette, You don't need more blood tests, it's more Levothyroxine you need. Is there another GP at the practice you can see for a second opinion? If not, you might consider raising your dose yourself. PM me if you need a source for more Levothyroxine.


I know my body is screaming for an increase. I am waiting to see what results are like at end of week and if gp refuses an increase I will definitely PM you Clutter. We have 10 docs at my surgery and they are all useless.!!

Thanks again Clutter


Hello Annette. Yes I've had these symptoms for 10 years. Doctors usually do normal tests inc thyroid and if they think all normal, give you an anxiety diagnosis. if you are unlucky they will put you on benzodiazepines or antidepressants. I was found to have low iron and treated, but still couldn't get my levothyroxine (given by private doc as high antibodies, now officially hypo after menopause), up to a decent dose. Just had iron level tested again after about 6 years and low again. I've put myself back on iron as doc didn't suggest a prescription. However I will go back and ask for it to be tested in a month as it can be toxic. Just to say, I have felt better these last 3 weeks, and hopefully I will have another go to get dosage up a bit, my TSH about 2.76 at the mo, which doc says fine! though others would disagree. I also think diet (no wheat,gluten sugar dairy can help with antibodies) based on what I've read. Not sure why iron goes down though, maybe someone can answer that. This is a great site and I've been given lots of good info.


I have experienced breathlessness after I cut my dose of levothyroxime (from 50mcg to 25mcg) myself thinking I could exist on a lower dose. My TSH went up from 1.something to 2.79. It was interesting that I felt even worse than when I was on a 25mcg initially and having TSH more than 4.something. I take it as my body got used to function on the 50mcg dose. Later breathlessness combined with other nasty things like light legs and almost fainting state. Emergency stuff enterpreted it as a typical anxiety though I knew it was not. My body was struggling requiring higher dose. Symptoms are gradually gone after I returned back to 50mcg. Not sure it was iron or B12 in my case.

Good luck Annette.


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