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Tsh level of 3..26


Hopefully someone can shed some light. I had 50% of my thyroid removed approx two years ago. My TSH was 3.26 in nov 2014... Advised that this is normal. Im feeling pretty lousy , tiredness, dry skin , aches and pains, cold etc etc. I have been to see gp ,and he has suggested another blood test. Looking on the web it seems that some doctors say a TSH of over 2.5 suggests hypothyroidism ... Mixed messages everywhere . Anyone shed any light? Cheers Lisa

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Oh for heavens sake medics make ne so mad

you have had half your thyroid removed and your TSH is way above 1 and you have all the symptoms of hypothyroid

You need treatment NOW

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Thank you for you reply . It's like banging your head againt a brick wall


Ask your doctor what your TSH was before the op. If your TSH has risen (I'm sure it has) that suggests your body is no longer happy with the amount of thyroid hormones your thyroid is producing and now it wants more. You have symptoms of hypothyroidism so, given all the evidence, hypothyroidism is the most likely.

Although your TSH is in range, everyone has their own personal range for TSH which is quite narrow. The body likes things to be a certain way - homeostasis. Your TSH before the op is most likely the TSH your body works best at. As you have symptoms of hypo, it would not be unreasonable for your doctor to consider trying you on thyroxine. Unfortunately many doctors don't realise this.

Keep fighting for treatment. You are not imagining things and you are not going mad. You are hypothyroid. I hope you don't have to wait too long for treatment.

It is always a good idea to get your blood tests done first thing in the morning because this gives a better idea of your thyroid status. TSH is higher first thing and reduces during the day.

Carolyn x


Hi Caroline

From what I remember my level was 2.03 so it had certainly changed .. Thank you for your reply... I shall certainly keep on at the gp!


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