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Now I've had enough..... All the symptoms of Hoshomotos. Thyroid peroxidase over 600, anti dna abnormally high. PCP says I have hoshimotos. Dibilitating dizziness, fatigue, sore throat, confusion, palpitations, numb hands and feet. Sweats, rapid heart rate, can hardly drive, no memory, feeling detached from world around me for 9 months. At my wits end..... Went to endo today as per my PCP, was told as soon as the doctor walks in this isn't my thyroid doing any of this. Thyroid functioning normal he says. Thyroid sono shows 5mm nodule. Endo doctor says nothing to worry about but sends me for another sono. Antithuroglobulin < 20. FT4 1.25 ( normal range 0.80-1.73. T3 99 ( normal range 72-180). T4 7.3 ( normal range 4.90-12.90). T3 uptake 34.3 ( normal range 24.3-39). TSH 1.950 ( normal range 0.18-4.53). Free T4 index 2.5 ( normal range 1.50-3.80). For God sakes what does this mean? Is something else causing me to have thyroid antibodies and high anti dna and making me feel like death?!!!!

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Funngembunni, 5mm nodule isn't usually a problem and is very unlikely to cause symptoms. I think high antibodies do cause symptoms, however. TSH is slightly higher than euthyroid but FT4 seems okay. I'm not very familiar with TT3 but 99 seems low in range.

My GP suspected from my symptoms that I was hyperthyroid. I was swinging between hyper and hypo but mostly hyper. Bloods were euthyroid but TPO antibodies elevated, although not as high as yours. I had a large nodule which is what prompted me to see the GP and the thyroid surgeon insisted that symptoms could not be thyroidal because of normal bloods.

Symptoms continued after hemilobectomy to remove the nodule but ceased after completion thyroidectomy, presumably because there was no longer a thyroid to attack.

I think there are few doctors/endos who understand the autoimmune impact of thyroid disease. The ex-president of the BTA recommended commencing treatment to "nip in the bud, progression to overt hypothyroidism" but few UK doctors follow this advice. It is possible that treatment will overmedicate you and make you feel worse but it is also possible that it will suppress your antibodies and reduce flares. You can read Dr. Toft's comments in this link

I can only suggest you look for a functional doctor who might offer more help with managing diet and lifestyle to reduce auotimmune attacks. Gluten-free diet helps a lot of Hashimoto's patients manage Hashi flares and reduce antibodies but it doesn't help everyone.

You should also ask for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate to be tested to rule out deficiencies. Low levels can cause musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms and numbness in hands and feet can be a sign of low B12.

This link outlines Hashimoto's


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