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Bloods back - Dropping T4

Posting on from that thread I wasn't provided with the figures and they didn't test for T3 after asking 3 times.

Dropping from 200mcg a day to 175 as my TSH was a little low. Everything else was 'normal'.

Ill go get bloods done in 3 months or something. If I still feel bad Ill try source some T3 and guess until I get the dose right as I am sick of dealing with GPs. Id rather risk buying T3 online than live a life half asleep - I'm screwed either way.

Still feeling crap, some days I can feel like im bursting with energy, I have maybe 30 mins as soon as I wake up where Ive got energy then I hit the wall so to speak. Diet should be fine by most people's standards and Ive just cut alcohol out completely as my body fat is increasing, but was max 3 times a week with no more than 2.5 units a night as I thought that could be a problem too.

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Whoa - you're dropping 25mcg of levo, is that what you mean? Did they at least do an FT4 test as well as TSH? A low TSH is no reason to drop your levo dosage given your clearly hypothyroid symptoms.

And your TSH would've been low because of your week on 300mcg of levo...

You have a right to have your results, by the way. You can either ask to be told them or ask for a printout, which they may charge you for. You don't need to give them a reason - it's your right, but if you meet resistance you just say that you want then for your own personal records.

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No, they Don't 'provide' figures, you have to ask for them - sometimes insist on getting them. But you should never accept a decrease without seeing your reults.

'Normal' is not a diagnosis, it is an opinion - your doctors opinion, and your doctor is not always right! What he means by 'normal' is 'in range', and just 'in range' isn't good enough, it's where in the range they fall.

Three months is too long, you should be tested 6 weeks after any change in dose. Just go back and ask for a test in six weeks time. :)


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