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Dr Malcolm Kendrick writes in today's Sunday Times

'Medicine's definitions of obesity and safe levels of cholesterol and alcohol intake were plucked out of the air and are now being debunked. Indeed it seems it is safer to be overweight'.

Haven't yet had a proper read but it's a whole page article in the Review section.

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All it says to me is that the medical profession as a whole knows absolutely nothing and we should ignore any advice they give us as being fatally flawed in all respects, either plucked out of the air, (as they readily admit) or based on a few opinions of not very trustworthy people. Common sense is the only way to go...

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Hennerton - hopefully he'll have some new converts!

here's the link (you'd have to subscribe or buy the paper for the whole article)


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Thanks Sparerib.

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Thanks for that. Dr Kendrick doesn't mince his words and they do strike home. I just hope they don't pursue him as they have other doctors who don't 'toe the line'.

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Agreed shaws, fingers crossed.

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Don't know about over there in Old Blighty, but I get the distinct impression over here that doctors are scared to death of the Ministry of Health. If they order too many tests, they get their pay docked. The ones that want to maximize their income, don't order too many tests.

My suspicion was confirmed last year when it became public that doctors were getting a bonus at the end of the year based on how many of their patients they managed to get into screening tests: colonoscopies, mammograms and pap smears. My doctor's office was sending me letters about these tests once a year. Now the bonus incentive has been eliminated and the Ministry of Health Cancer Care Ontario is sending me this junk mail.

I would figure that the cost of stamps and envelopes would have offset the 'bonus' if there wasn't a major uptake in patients going for these tests.

She'd give me the zombie look when I'd tell her I think I have other more immediate problems than cervical cancer.

I have been saying this for years.

There is an article written By Dr Kendrick in The Independent, and it is freely available :


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Another article, this one referring to The Independent article I linked above :


The article itself adds nothing new, but one of the comments (from red2black) was scary - about monitoring children's weight from birth onwards and putting them on statins when/if they get obese. I would love to know if that was true. Would parents go to prison for child abuse if they refused to statinise their children? George Orwell will be spinning in his grave.

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