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Thyroid blood results

After asking the doctor to do full thyroid tests, I wasn't surprised to find that they has only done TSH!

My TSH result is 3.4 (normal range 0.3 - 5)

Reading up on that result, am I right in thinking that with all my symptoms as below that's NOT normal?

My main symptoms are weight gain,tired/lethargic a lot of the time, insomnia, blepharitis, migraines, pressure headaches, muscle aches and pains/stiffness mainly in my neck, back and shoulders, period issues,low basal body temperature, feel depressed, low, lack of libido plus more!

I accept that some of these symptoms could also be down to being peri menopausal and indeed the doctor has now asked for sex hormone blood tests to be carried out which is good - what isn't so good is that the full range of thyroid bloods weren't done but it seems that's a common issue.

I really don't feel well and I just want to feel well again!!!!

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Your TSH with clinical symptoms (which doctors don't know or recognise) is above the range on this link:


The least they should do is the Free T3 then you'll know that we cannot function if it isn't sufficient. You might need a private test.


Thank you for your reply. I am going to get the other blood tests done next week and then see what the results are for that. One of my friends suggested that I may have PCOS - I was investigated for that in my 30's and had a lot of tests but nothing was found and should have been referred to an endo but I was that disheartened I just gave up in the end.

I think I am a bit old for PCOS now and more likely to be peri menopausal.

I have also looked at getting private tests done too.


I would suggest you get a private test dones, including Free T3 as that's the main hormone which drives our metabolism.


I know Blue Horizon do pin-prick tests and if you quote TUK10 you get a small discount.


Thank you shaws, that's very helpful and most likely the route I will be going down as I really don't want to feel any worse than I do now!


There are different thoughts about what a normal TSH is. Some say it shouldn't be higher dan 2,0.

Did you get your blood test as early as possible? Because that can make a huge difference for TSH.


Hi Flower3, yes it was a fasting blood test and it was done at 8.30am.

Having read a few articles it does seem I may have a battle on my hands in actually getting somewhere - I have been feeling progressively worse since about last August and this may or may not be related to a massive period of stress in my life which is ongoing and that I wish I could eradicate!


Yes, with this result no doctor will tell you it's your thyroid..You need to know what your FT4 and FT3 levels are, that will tell you more than the TSH. Maybe you can get them tested yourself instead of fighting with your doc.

If it is a thyroid issue your TSH will get worse (been there done that). I would not recommend that to wait.

Your symptoms could also be from other causes. Did you get tested for vitamin B12, vitamin D, ferritin?


I was tested for urea and electrolytes, liver function tests, full blood count, TSH and an Hb, A1C LTG and nothing else.

I take a multi vitamin supplement as it is concentrating on the B vitamins for energy.


You should get vitamin D tested, if this is low you can get a lot of symptoms. And because you say it got worse after august (less sun = less vitamin D).


Hi , should also have ferritin, B12, folate tested, as low levels also cause different types of anaemia all with similar signs+ symptoms.

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Thank you rach67, I was tested for anaemia and that all came up fine!


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