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beware - we could be charged for NHS, so think carefully.

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if they didn't claim so much for their second and third homes, lavish wine and posh dinners , hotel bills even when they all have second homes, -- cars, clothes, duck ponds, bath plugs, etc we might have enough money in the kitty for ourhealth care, I can see us all going to consult DR. Google. nye bevan who created the NHS after the war would be horrified to see his service vilified like this.

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Pity they don't look at how much money is wasted on ineffective treatments. I've been watching the search for cancer cures series you posted - many thanks for that - and if only proven natural treatments were adopted lives would be saved and the NHS would save a fortune.

With charging for services, I keep thinking of this scenario :

1) Go to GP with problems and pay for the visit.

2) GP does tests and tells patient "Good news, Mrs X, your test results are all normal, you're fine". GP makes it clear that patient must leave because they are healthy and don't need a GP.

3) Go away for a week, or a month, or 3 months, and then go back to (1) again. Repeat process over and over again for several years.

4) Go private. The real problem is found and eventually fixed.

Do we get a refund on all those wasted trips to the GP?

I had one of those appointments this morning, but pretty sure my adrenals are suffering because of being on ineffective Levo. GP just said he did not know anything about Thyroid problems and to leave it to Endo when I next went - in August. At least this year though!

iodine check it out

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Lisasones in reply to humanbean

Hi human bean,

I'm thinking, re. your point 1) - if we go to a Gp and pay for the visit, I think what happens next would be Gp twigs and realises the more things he diagnoses the more tests he can charge us for and the more drugs he can sell us ... and suddenly we, and our every last little symptom would be taken very seriously indeed!! Lol! oh wait, that's private practise Lol!!! I really feel like my Gp can't wait to get me out of her room, after telling me my symptoms aren't actually symptoms and there's nothing wrong with me of course ;-)

I still think there is an awful lot of middle management with no medical experience that could be cut dowm. It would save an awful lot of money. Far too much box ticking and form filling that serves little or no medical purpose.

I would also be in favour of charging a nominal amount for "no shows" at surgeries and hospital appointments. Running at around three a day at my local surgery....and we all know what it's like trying to get an appointment!

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Clutter in reply to spongecat

Spongecat, Sometimes appointments are missed because the patient has been hospitalised or they have conditions or medication which makes them confused and forgetful. My GP surgery and thyroid clinic send text reminders up to a week prior to appointments.

When my aunt was unexpectedly hospitalised a nurse refused to make a phone call to cancel her podiatry appointment.

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spongecat in reply to Clutter

Yes I understand there are genuine cases. My late mother had mixed dementia and the surgery would always call her the day before an appointment and would also contact me a double reminder!

There are genuine reasons's more the no-shows who "get better" and cannot be bothered to cancel their appointment so it can be made available for someone else.

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Clutter in reply to spongecat

Spongecat, yes the no shows who have 'self limiting illnesses' and don't cancel are a disgrace. The text reminders give an option for cancelling so they do cut down on no shows.

sometimes appointmen tletters from hosp ital. don't arrive and the poor patient is blamed

Local Hospital phoned of an evening to make an appointment a short while ago. Such a sensible idea. No letters to go astray, much cheaper I would have thought and the convenience of making a suitable appointment without having letters going back and forth.

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Zephyrbear in reply to spongecat

I so agree with you! The original idea was a noble and brilliant one, but over the years it has become eroded by the 'need' for excessive management layers and bean-counters... All those executive snouts in the trough (at one stage rumoured to be a manager for each NHS hospital bed!) that are taking funds away from the patient for whom it was established in the first place and who most needs it, but is least likely to benefit. Not until that point is addressed will the NHS stop being a never satified pit of demand or ever be viable again.

Zephyrbear, Too many Cooks, not enough Bottle Washers comes to mind. Agree with all you say.

The service that Nye Bevan set up would still be fine, but medicine has advanced since then and everyone expects everything to be covered nowadays. If a great deal of the management were removed, and also a few of the treatments currently covered which aren't within the spirit of the NHS, and people not entitled to NHS treatment were properly charged for it, things would be better. Also I doubt Bevan realised the extent to which the state would step in and 'control' our health, a brilliant idea which is so easily open to abuse from any government.

The glaring thing in that article to me though isn't the charge to see a GP, which is surmise anyway, it's Blair's former Health Minister stating the government should charge us all £10 a month membership charge for the NHS. I know of a very good mutual health society which charges less than that and covers referrals for a lot of conditions, although admittedly not all, and treats quickly and effectively in decent hospitals.

BLAIR! is a ****** on society. sorry- cannot stand the man. or his wife.

Totally agree!!

Do share this information with us Framboise, in case we have need of it.

It's the Beneneden Healthcare Society which is a mutual and used to be just for post office workers with TB, then for civil servants, and is now for anyone. My father joined when I was 4 years old and I've been a member ever since and it's helped tremendously over the years with private consultations and tests when the NHS would have taken months. Their help is discretionary (but I've never been refused) and it doesn't cover all conditions, and if you opt for local treatment rather than at the hospital in Kent, then there's a limit of two consultations plus tests, but they also have arrangements with other hospitals round the UK where you can have appointments or surgery of various types. I think for the money it's well worth it.

PS I don't work for them!

oh thanks, I was going to inquire about these a smy friends dad belongs and I thought good idea thnakyou

We already pay for the NHS via tax. If a service is useless it doesn't matter whether it is free or not - since it serves no purpose and adds no value.

It makes as much sense as saying "here, have this ripped up old jumper, it is free"

My nhs gp has cheekily tried to charge me for things that should be free like a sick note. I reminded him that he was offering nhs, not private service. I pay good money for a private GP because he is competent and offers value - why would i pay money for a useless NHS gp?

Ummm the article goes on to state that labour conservative and lib dems are all committed to no charges, so I don't understand the point you're trying to make? My personal view is that if some basic antibiotics could be available off prescription then that alone would vastly reduce the numbers of patients wanting an appointment. No I personally don't have a problem with having to pay a nominal fee to see the doctor, I've ended up having to spend far more getting treatment to sort out my thyroid/adrenals for which I will be ever grateful to thyroid UK for pointing me in the right direction. When you're paying, I think it's easier to insist your point of view is heard...

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Clutter in reply to Poshpenny

Poshpenny, antibiotics are the last thing that should be off prescription. Antibiotic resistance due to over prescription and the lack of new antibiotics coming onto the market mean we are facing enormous health problems within the next decade.

I don't support charging to see a NHS GP on top of the National Insurance Contributions deducted from salaries. It impacts heavily on the poor, the sick and the elderly. If someone can't afford to pay the charge their health may suffer. Once we pay a fee for accessing GP care how long before we are asked to pay for blood tests, X-rays and other diagnostics and eventually for paying to access secondary care and surgical interventions?

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Framboise in reply to Clutter

You can buy anti-biotics among other drugs OTC in Greece after the pharmacist has discussed the problem and decided if they are suitable. I think it's an excellent service and frees up the GPs time. My niece is a pharmacist and has a great deal of knowledge, I would trust her as much as my GP for certain things.

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Clutter in reply to Framboise

Framboise, I agree pharmacists have a great deal of knowledge, that's why we're advised to see them for advice on minor ailments that may not need a GP appointment.

I have friends and family who buy Amoxicillin OTC in Turkey, no questions asked. Unfortunately, some of them will stop taking it a couple of days after their problem resolves and in some cases, a viral illness for instance. probably shouldn't have been taking an antibiotic at all.

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siskin in reply to Clutter

Clutter I agree with you entirely. I atudied microbiology as a small part of my degeee course. Antibiotics should not be OTC. However clever a pharmacist or doctor is, unless a culture is done to name the specific bacteria the appropriate antibiotic cannot be


Antibiotic resistance is occurring because broad spectrum antibiotics are being prescribed willy nilly in the hope it will "do the job"

I was prescribed Amoxycillin for a cough, in spite of a sputum test coming back "nothing found".

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bluepettals2 in reply to siskin

we allforget about nature and some of natures natural antibiotics. there has been cancer cures for years but those doc's have been hounded out of the profession due to funding fees being stopped. what about baking soda/curcumin/alow vera/ etc... not for everyone but in some it is very valuable

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bluepettals2 in reply to Clutter

well said clutter, I know I couldn't afford to see the gp- istruggle daily on the minimum state pension.i struggle to get tests done, I am not well, i live half a life like many do here- I am on my own- I have no partner support or extra income andi am already paying out on a credit card again---for tests that the nhs do not do. I worked and paid mytaxes and national health stamp up to date- sorry posh penny I do not agree with you, I do however agree with clutters makes sense.

It's a miracle the other countries where they sell antibiotics OTC have managed so long then without mass incidences of AB resistance, and take a different stance to us. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to ship in Tiromel or alternatives for our personal use that we can't get for love nor money here if those countries took the same position as the UK 😁

My friends' husbands are in the medical profession-GPs and paramedics. Parameds are called out frequently for people with headaches and tummy pains-and would you believe-constipation. GPs time wasted by similar conditions which any pharmacist could advise on.

agreed celtic lady-- ar eyouinto celtic stuff by the way.iam...

Yes-Irish parents-love all things celtic!

oh I love irish people and celtic stuff... I wento Ireland in 2008,peopel soooooooooooooooooooo friendly -- AND the men are soooooooooooo handsome... do youknow anyone who wants a wife???? lol x

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to celticlady

How many pharmacists would advise that thyroid might be the cause of constipation?

Maybe I am being unfair, but I suspect many are not aware, especially in the less obvious cases. So they will probably offer over-the-counter laxatives.

(Of course, not a reason to call an ambulance.)

I agree. But if we do not shout up they will do just as they want. I write to my M.P. about saving the NHS and suggest everyone does the same. Sign Petitions and any thing else which will make politicians sit up. We are too apathetic in this country.

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