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Help with results

Date TSH T4 T3 Comments

May 14 2.30 17.7 After result increased T4 up to 118mcg per day

Aug 14 2.72 18.4 After result increased to125mcg per day

Nov 14 2.01 19.0 After result increased to 131mcg per day

Mar 15 0.36 23.1 4.8 Slightly Over range

The T4 range is 12 - 22.

Cant believe the jump in T4 with the last slight increase of 6mcg of T4.

Am I now hyperthyroid? Do I need to reduce my medication?

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If your t3 is over range, you will need to keep an eye on things. If it is within range, you don't need to worry. Your t4 may need to be slightly over the range to feel well because you are only taking t4 and no t3. Extra t4 is often needed with t4 monotherapy to get your t3 high enough to feel well.

The important thing is how you are feeling. If you are feeling well with no hyper or hypo symptoms, you are probably on the right dose. If not, your dose may need adjusting or you may need to add some t3.

Everybody is different and don't forget that blood tests only tell you what is in the blood and not what is happening in the cells, which is what is important. Blood results are only a guide.

Carolyn x


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