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I was diagnosed with hashimotos a few years back, I'm 21 and also suffer with fibromyalgia and migraines.

I had an ATCH test done yesterday as she's expects my aderenals aren't working either.

I'm having a complete nightmare with it and I'm currently really fed up :( I feel like I'm forever moaning and that people don't quite get it.

One thing im really worrying about is my skin. I'm 21 and have acne that a 14-16 year old may get. I cannot get rid of it no matter what I tru/ how much I drink water.

Is this typical of thyroid disease?

If you have any advice that would be amazing. It's really knocking my self confidence and I don't know what to do next!

Thanks you x

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  • If you're suffering with fibromyalgia and migraines, and have a diagnosis of Hashimoto's, then I would lay money on you not being on enough thyroid hormone replacement medication. Some of your earlier posts refer to you being told that your thyroid blood tests are "normal". If you have Hashimoto's, your blood test results cannot be compared with those from people who have normal thyroid function. You have an autoimmune disease which will slowly destroy your thyroid. "Normal" just doesn't apply to you any more.

    Do you have any recent thyroid blood test results? If you do, please post them here for comment. If you don't, please ask your doctor for them - and then post them here.

    Lack of thyroid hormone affects every single cell in your body. Without enough thyroid hormones, your digestion won't be great, your absorption of essential vitamins and minerals is impaired, meaning that your joints will hurt, your skin will suffer.

    You're still so young - please don't accept any of this to be your lot in life. You can get better - but in all likelihood, you will have to fight to get the best treatment.

  • Hi there,

    Thank you so much for getting back to me - I will get hold of some test results and upload them on to here? I am due to have another test in the next few weeks so that should help!

    Thank you for helping me!

    It's really getting me down this week xx

  • Hello 24 1919

    I am sorry you haven't as yet, found your perfect dose of medication.

    There is no information on your Profile but I see you were diagnosed with Hashimotos. Are you on medication (I assume levo) - if so what dose.

    Have you had a recent blood test with the ranges that you can post for comments.

    It sounds to me that your doctor has kept your TSH in range and that's given you clinical symptoms that you state above. I have read a couple of other members had acne but am not sure whether it's connected to the medication or the condition (hypo).

    This is a link for information:


    If your GP hasn't tested your Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done as we are usually deficient.

    When you get a blood test for your thyroid hormones, leave approx 24 hours between levo and the blood test and have it as early as possible. Get a print-out of the results with the ranges and post for comments.

  • Hello,

    I am on 100 levothyroxine at the moment. I am due a blood test soon so I will have a look at that, i'll post it on here.

    Yeah, she wants to keep me at the top end of the range? Because I don't function very well any lower! Still don't feel great on that!

    And I'll look into whether she's done the other tests too - I feel as if she does so many, I'm never sure what has been done and what hasn't!

    Thank you xx

  • You might not be function being on levothyroxine. I was worse on that than before I was diagnosed. I immediately improved when T3 was added and am now very well on T3 only but realise I am fortunate.

  • There are five things that spring to mind that need checking :

    1) Thyroid medication - are you on the right amount, and are you on the right type?

    2) Are your vitamin and mineral levels optimal?

    3) Are you over-producing or under-producing cortisol. For what it's worth, I had monster spots until menopause, not huge in numbers, but sometimes huge in size - very embarrassing and very painful. In recent years I have done a couple of adrenal stress profile saliva tests and both have shown high cortisol.

    4) Diet - many of us do better on a gluten-free diet. If candida is an issue then a candida diet would be worth trying.

    5) If all the above are checked out and rectified where necessary, and if you still have problems, then I would suspect your sex hormone levels are out of whack. But only look into sex hormones when all the other things I've mentioned have been dealt with appropriately.

    Edit: Don't try and fix everything at once... Deal with one thing at a time, although be prepared to back-track and go over things again. E.g. getting your vitamin and mineral levels right may make a difference to the dose of thyroid meds you need.

  • Hi there,

    I am on levothyroxine, are there other types?! Would love to know more!

    I am having a test soon so I'm going to request she looks at the vitamins and minerals - I'm unsure if it has been checked before.

    I am unsure about cortisol - is this something I should check? Or is this covered in my ATCH test? Do you recommend the saliva test? Anything to help my skin!

    Thank you so much for getting back to me! :) xx

  • The available thyroid replacement hormones, individually or in combination, are :

    1) Levothyroxine, often known as T4. This is the one that the NHS prescribes most of the time. Some people do okay with this. Some people do okay with T4 but only from specific manufacturers because they have difficulty with some fillers.

    2) Liothyronine, often known as T3. Some doctors working for the NHS do prescribe this but only with their arms twisted up behind their backs, screaming and hollering while they do so. Many doctors will lie about it, and say that it is unlicensed, banned, or illegal. It is none of these things. It is restricted because it is very expensive to the NHS. The BNF quotes a cost of about £102.30 for 28 tablets :


    If you go to some other countries in the world it is available over the counter without a prescription for a couple of euros for 30 tablets.

    T3 is much more "powerful" than T4 and there are various quotes that it is 3 - 5 times as powerful as T4 e.g. 25mcg T3 might be quoted as being equivalent to 75mcg - 125 mcg T4.

    In a healthy person, producing their own thyroid hormones in normal amounts, their T4 (which is a pro-hormone and is considered to be inactive) gets converted to T3 (which is an active hormone and gives people some energy). Some people with dodgy thyroids don't manage to do the T4 --> T3 conversion very well and can only cope by taking T3 directly.

    3) NDT - Natural Dessicated Thyroid - is made from pig thyroid. The whole gland is used, dried, crushed, and converted into pills. It contains all the thyroid hormones (including T4 and T3) a normal healthy human thyroid makes, and many people love it because they feel much better on it than either T4 or T3 alone. It was first developed as the treatment for hypothyroidism in the 1890s and was the only treatment available for about 70 years. Doctors don't like it though, because the proportions of the different thyroid hormones are (allegedly) not the same in the pig as they are in the human. They've also been brainwashed by pharmaceutical companies into believing that it is unreliable. This is rubbish. It is quality controlled just like other medicines.

    I'm not knowledgeable on the subject of cortisol. Hopefully someone else can help with this.

    Good luck!

  • Acne is a symptom of hypo, but can be caused by other things.

    Some very good advice above, and enough to keep you busy for quite a while! lol :)

  • The skin often reflects what is going on inside the gut ....do you have problems ? What is your diet ? The skin is our biggest organ ....


  • Hi there,

    I try to eat as healthily as possible but I'm struggling with a lot of stomach pain and bloating. It's becoming a real pain!

    Thank you! x

  • That sounds hypoish, too. What do you call healthy eating?

  • I try to have a light breakfast, pitta or something light for lunch and then a tea like chicken and veg. I do pick in between though (sometimes!) - I find I often grab for sugar.

  • What do you mean by 'light'? Low-fat? That's just about the most unhealthy thing you can do. I'm not surprised you're not well. And I'm not surprised you 'grab for sugar'. If you haven't got enough fat in you, you need the sugar for energy.

  • ...so what do you eat ?

  • I try to have a light breakfast, pitta or something light for lunch and then a tea like chicken and veg. I do pick in between though (sometimes!) - I find I often grab for sugar.

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