E-Petition Now Closed

Hi All

The Government E-petition is closed and I'm afraid to say that I have NO IDEA what figure it ended on as I missed the end and they haven't had the courtesy to email me to let me know! :(

I know it was just over 12,000, but we will have to wait for the FINAL figure till after the election! A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who signed the petition and helped to promote it far and wide. We have plans for the result which I am not at liberty to discuss at present, but keep your eye on our website, FB page and member magazine for more info! :)

Thanks again! :)


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  • Louise, 12,062 3 days ago. Hopefully higher by the time it closed.


  • Thanks! :) xxx

  • Hi Louise

    I was emailed from PM's office sometime ago. Unfortunately deleted the email.

  • Hi

    Thanks. Yeah, I got that email too, but have had nothing from them since the petition closed on Monday.

    Thanks again



  • :)

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