Poldark especially for you greygoose, and the naked body for you. this will make your hoover redundant. must get on now, enjoy the hunk!


now I shall find a video of him phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

these women have cracked me up I am laughing my butt off for a change ..

watch this grey, I shall find another... getting abit hot now..



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  • Pettals,

    Whatever thyroid hormone you're on seems to be working very, very well indeed. :)

    You have found the remedy obviously as you're posting about 7.30 a.m. and have anything but a defunct thyroid gland on your mind. :)

  • hi shaws, do not believe it- I am wired but tired, dry skin ageing rapidly. hair , well thatis nearly gone and look 205 years old. just waiting to ring bt yet again after months of bad service.. xx not on any other meds yet.

  • Just had another look to make sure, but no. I find there's something a bit creepy about him, Don't know what it is but... no.

    However, I do love this tweet : why was I never offered the position of painting semi nude actors when I had my careers talk at school?!

    That's a question I would like to ask.

  • Twaz just the Royal Navy or the Womens Air Force in our school career talks. As I had been wearing almost identical navy uniforms for six years - I fancied a change of garb ! Even the lace up shoes looked the same - OMG !


  • Oh, we were told we could be a secretary, a nurse or 'go to university'. Didn't matter what you read, just go to university. I said I'd rather go to RADA, but they weren't having that! So, I became a laboritory technician. Same difference.

  • At my school the girls were advised to go for teacher training, nursing or the civil service. Boys went to university!

  • Even worse!

  • I know! Awful.

  • am I missing something marz?

  • oh grey you hav eto see him on screen---- he I s gorgeous and someone has removed the first video!

  • Yes, I noticed that.

    No, you're not missing anything. I've got terrible taste in men. And he is neither effeminate enough, nor masculine enough to interest me. I know I'm weird. lol

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