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Hi ive been having symptoms of thyroid problems for about two/three years now doctors just keep implying menopause. Are the symptoms the same. Also i started getting a painful rash on my hands feet head and asked what this was too the doctors only glanced and said dermatitis but never treated ive had blood tests which they say are normal what is normal can anyone define? My rash is psorisis i was told by a dermatolgist by the way.

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Hi Sharon,

Lots of people are told their blood tests are 'normal'. Before the blood tests doctors knew all the clinical symptoms and patients were given a trial of natural dessicated thyroid hormones based on the symptoms alone. Nowadays it all depends on the point were the TSH lies. This means thyroid stimulating hormone which leaves many people undiagnosed and unmedicated.

Ask the surgery for a print-out of your latest blood tests for your thyroid hormone with the ranges and post on a new question. If your GP hasn't tested your vitamin B12, Vitamin D (these can cause problems too if deficient) iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done. Just say that you are having troubling symptoms if he asks why you want them and you want to to rule out it's due to a deficiency in these vitamins/minerals. What time did you have your blood test for your thyroid gland?


I had them first thing in the morning. I understand things go wild during the menopause but would appreciate having advice this is all new and my mums no good she sailed her meno with no probs on a mild dose of HRT could this be my answer?


It is good to know that it isn't due to your thyroid hormone, so if you get the print-out and other tests we can go forward from there.

I do know some do have difficulties in menopause.


Thamk you i will x


HI Sharon,I was told that if thyroid gland and adrenal glands not in good condition entering menopause then symptoms get worse e.g. sweating,mood swings etc...Many doctors tell menopausal women that it's the menopause,end of story.Been shown in research that many menopausal women have thyroid problem,but doctors couldn't be bothered doing tests,and if you're any way within "normal range" for thyroid results they completely dismiss you.The idea of treating symptoms and listening to the patient seems to be beyond their scope completely.A good Endo is your best bet.


ive just started taking vitamins to see if it lifts my energy and do some yoga to jog it along abit. I dnt wamt anything to be wrong but if i can help it would be good.


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