Hi all had my thyroid-s arrive it came as 60mg tablets was on 75mgs and 100mgs of t4 alternate days so cut a tablet in half started taking it right away but had a really bad headache so stopped taking it and didnt take anything for 5days i know some say you dont need to do this but gave it a go been taking thyroid-s for 4 days feel okay know its early days but just thought would let you know sorry not posted before now but had to look after sick husband and disabled sister will let you know how i get on with it.


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  • Foxyeyes, if you're feeling ok on it after another 3 days increase to 1 grain or you might go hypo as you didn't take anything for 5 days.

    I hope your hubby is recovering. It can't be easy nursing a sick husband and caring for your sister.

  • Hi Clutter thanks for your very quick reply have just told Shaws will increase tomorrow, i am really grateful for all the support and information i have found on this, site have been indecisive about coming off levo for a long time but there comes a time when you have to decide to take the plunge because no one but yourself can help you cos doctors are usless, even if it do'snt work for me at least i have tried it , hubby not to bad now getting there.


  • I hope you find Thyroid S makes you feel much better. I am not too sure if you took your normal dose of levo (75mcg or 100mcg) then on top took 1/2 tablet Thyroid S.

    Just a reminder that the approx dose of Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormones (60 or 65mg) is equal in effect to around 100mcg of levothyroxine. So by taking half a tablet of Thyroid S, you took only approx 50mcg levo which may have been too low for your body's daily need. Usually, if on levothyroxine only a direct switch-over to the equivalent NDT is usual.

    I hope your husband has now improved and it is difficult when you're not too well yourself to look after others.

  • Hi Shaws no didnt take it on top of levo so when i had headache thought perhaps needed to clear body of levo a bit but will increase dose tomorrow hubby not to bad thanks getting there thanks for your very quick reply as usual you are on the ball.


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