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Hi all,

As you are all aware, theta as train the gp's and doc's, so they only treat the symptoms not the cause, this will in turn cause more upset and side affects, this on turn will need more pills for you and all, which means more money for them.

I have with a lot of help from my wonderful girl freind, we should treat and cure the gut, this in turn will help aleaviate some of the problems we all face with the increasing problems wth today's food product.

Also we all must reduce the intake of sugar by at least 78 to 80% and this will help the body to repair itself, this has worked for me, it is a hard slog but I promise you it is worth the effort.

I went to see Dr P. and he diagnosed adrenal fateeg which the Gp's would not even entertain, he said I needed nitrate adrenal and nutra thyroid, have been taking them, but since trying to heal the gut I have not needed them do much.

Hope some of this helps!!!

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Hi all tangomagic here,

in my last post the top line should have read "pharmas train Gp's and Doc's "

Hope you read and understood what I have tried to say



Thank you for posting Tangomagic and welcome to the forum.

I understand you're advising people to change their diet and improve their gut health as it's improved your health and reduced your need for Nutri-Thyroid and Nutri-Adrenal in improving your adrenal function.


The above link illustrates just how often we discuss the health of the gut here - so you will no doubt enjoy having a read from like minded folk :-)

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