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Report- recent return to T4 only, didn't work

Over the last year,I admit that I have tried several different combinations of thyroid medication....T4 only,T4/T3 combo and Armour thyroid,trying to settle on the medication that worked best for me.As many of us know it is sometimes frustrating and definitely time consuming .I know I was one who wanted instant improvement,but it doesn't work like that.

Anyway,a while ago I fancied trying another idea now that I had tried T3 that it might have kick started my conversion problem and that now I might only need T4............ how wrong I was!!

I have recently been attending a group exercise class at my local community hospital for Osteoarthritis in my knee.With ten stations on this exercise circuit including cross trainer,treadmill and exercise bike I wondered how much my thyroid was going to

appreciate this gym work !

Well it started out alright .....quite pleasantly surprised myself considering this is not my scene.......better working in a swimming pool with water for support.

However,I think the thyroid wasn't impressed for too long......I got out of bed the following morning and nearly crawled to the bathroom....and have to admit I am now back on my T4/T3 combination..........for good!

Have decided to put an end to self medicating and go with the prescription.......75 mcgs T4 + 10mcgs T3 with the go ahead from my Endo that because I take my meds early morning at 6.15 am that if I'm going to be active in the afternoon to take a little more T3.

Suddenly everything seems OK and I'm beginning to think about all the things I want to do...painting,sewing,gardening etc and it feels good.

My Physio did a splendid talk on our first week group session and said that a valuable aid to coping with pain is a technique called " Distraction" .........that the more you can concentrate on other things the more it will help you.I came away thinking that might be useful for hypothyroid problems too.

I fully appreciate that might depend on how much pain you are in for what ever the extent of your health problems,but have to say I found that talk very valuable and for me it's working.

I hope everyone here has the chance to improve their sense of well being soon too.x

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Thanks Marz x


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