Case Study Needed - Urgent!

Case Study Needed - Urgent!

I have a journalist looking for a case study - male or female - preferably at least mid fifties onwards to interview for a piece about how other medical conditions can be misdiagnosed as dementia.

Hypothyroidism is a condition that can be mistaken for dementia and also vitamin B 12 deficiency.

She is looking to interview someone who has been investigated for dementia/memory problems (at least in the initial stages with your) and later turned out to have a thyroid problem.

The interview needs to take place this week and will take place by phone and then a photographer would be sent out to you this week.

If you fit this criteria and are interested in being a case study, please contact me on as soon as possible.


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  • Lyn

    I hope someone responds responds. I assume some people have been diagnosed with those problems and still be unaware it might be hypothyroidism.

  • There's an article in The Mail today about a book that is being written by a retired GP - Dr Souter covering Alzheimers - Prevention. Next week they are covering VitB. In the article they do mention they will be covering Thyroid and Depression that are wrongly diagnosed as Dementia.

    Wonder if there is a connection here ?

    Glad that Thyroid UK are at the forefront of topical news :-)

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