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Hi, would like some advise / help/ suggestions. I was previously on Thyroxine and stopped it in December as felt really ill and after i detoxed from that i started on NDT, so first lab results below are Thyroxine set and below that are NDT results

t4 107 Ranges n mol 59-154

tsh 7.70 0.27-4.2

free thyroxine 11.3 12-22

free t3 3.9 3.1-6.8

thyro antibody 25.0


antibody 25.6

this was on 100/125 mcg thyroxine alternate days

result date 23/12/2014

t4 83 n mol 59-154

tsh 4.28 mIU/L 0.27-4.2

free thyroxine 10.2 p/mol 12.0-22.0

free t3 4.5 p/mol 3.1-6.8

thyro antibody 31.9

peroxidase IU/ml 0-115(negative) Roche Modular

antibody 15.0 IU/ml 0-34 Roche Modular

i am taking 1 and a half grains of NDT

result date 16/03/2015

i am feeling a bit lethargic etc but don't want to overmedicate, I feel a bit under but .....?

unsure what to do

Thanks in advance

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Flower1Lassie2, I've edited your post to show 16/3/15 and deleted your subsequent post. If you want to edit your post click on the v down arrow underneath your post and to the right of +Follow post. Click on edit in the drop down options, edit your post and click on the orange Submit edit.

You were undermedicated on 100/125 thyroxine to have TSH 7.70. You haven't given any ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) which means it is difficult to interpret results accurately but I think TPO antibodies are negative although I'm not sure about the thyroglobulin antibodies.

TSH 4.28 is still too high indicating undermedication. Most people are comfortable with TSH just above or below 1.0, although it is often lower when on NDT because of the T3 in NDT. Free T3 looks mid range as far as I can tell so you are unlikely to overmedicate by increasing dose. I would increase by half a grain now and again in two weeks then hold the 2.5 grain dose for 4 weeks and retest.


thankyou Clutter, I will start today x


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