on a lighter note do you watch the farm kings,

its Tennessee I think- 'mom'' Mrs 'Mama Bear' has 10 kids--- 9 strapping handsome farm sons and one daughter. they run a veg farm and a bakery and a store, all organic- or should I say,-- the sons are orgasmic! stop it! I should think my sbgh is totally bound up, due to the lack of them ( hormones that is not mama bears sexy sons--- hey ho-- anyway this family has got such old fashioned family values in these modern times, it is apleasure to watch, and each son has the greatest respect for each other and for mom, they all sing her praises , she is the boss and they do not attempt to override her, they adore her and think she an 'awesome lady' and what MOM says goes. what a lucky woman, she is young, with long blonde THICK hair, so healthy she can get out there with her sons and work the land, the bakery store,cook, plant flowers,and she got a boyfriend, and obviously NO thyroid problems. what a lucky woman! Friday nights the Farm Kings. ye harrrrrrrrr

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  • is it better than Poldark skinny dipping?..... :D x

  • ha spare- I have not seen him skinny dipping.. x

  • Pettals, what on earth are you taking :) :) You seem to be back on form. Thankfully.

  • no shaws I am sitting here, tired, wornout, the skin on my face is so dry, it I sso uncomfortable, I really need to go bed but cant rest , nervous peter sellars and a spike milligan , they were funn y but depressed, and now I am Blackdog WINSTON Churchill, his famous motto was-- when you are going thru hell-- keep going! x

  • too tired to sleep?

    I sat in the sun today (eating gawd-awful lentil soup - can't taste but consistency of gruel - told it was good for me... yuk)

    but just the light makes you feel better - I was looking at UVB spectrum sun-lamps (£300 too much - you can get a holiday for that) but there were psoriasis ones less than £100 - just proves the point that sunshine is needed - get out there girl!

    sunshine is good

    butter is good

    salt is good

    what next? do we have to be told by someone or just feel it? J :D

  • Spare, no sunlight in north London today. Do the UVB lamps work outside?

  • They probably do - I first appreciated one in a sun-spar - it was a beach room with 'parrot sounds' deckchairs, sand etc.

    I would be a bit worried in case it rained or my dodgy extension lead tangled - expensive bulb to blow up!

    Tanning beds/salons are better now - I'm still a tad wary 'tho...

  • Spare, I've been wary of sun beds as the old types you lay on made me break out in sores around my mouth and contact points lying on the beds. Bad enough I had to see the company nurse who said that they aged the skin and obviously didn't suit me. I decided pale and smooth was preferable to brown and scabby unless I could flay my skin off in the sun.

  • I was out in sun spare- I eat butter full cream milk and cocnut oil, I was reading today as usual that all these so called low fats no salts no thi sthat or the other ar enot good -- oh yes it is the growing young again post I put here somewhere. lord knows where!

  • growing young with iodine - well maybe!


  • Have you tried coconut oil on your skin, Pettals. This is an excerpt and for goodness sake don't take a bath shortly afterwards as you'll have to be rescued/injured if you either 'slip into bath' or 'not get out'. :)

  • yes tried it even butter, it is somethinginternally wrong as I am feeling dried out andmy face parched.. if I slip inbath maybe one of grey gooses French firemen will rescue me the old lady!

  • Hi Petals, my face is withered up too, I'm using Bio oil at the moment. My skin is hard and scaly, my top lip, either side my nose, and the bridge of my nose is peeling it's so bad. The Bio oil is helping a little. Worth a try!

    My feet are just awful, really hard skin and cracked heels. I'm using E45 lotion and all the nasty hard stuff is starting to soften! Xx

  • its cellular I think helcaster butnhs wont bother.

  • could be bread, my mum used to suffer deep cracks in heels & hands, & brother now - & dry scaly skin arms & legs

    It eased off summertime 'tho....

  • Funny thing is Sparerib, all this hard skin and cracked heels went on 200 MCG levo and 3 grains of armour. That's the only dose I felt I was getting somewhere with. Now I take T3 my swelling and dryness is even worse, I just don't get it :-(

  • helcaster that is a high dose , what would that equate to? also I have so many email swops I cant remember if we swopped home emails, can youconfirm please. thnaksx

  • Have you tried Double-base Gel? If not ask GP to prescribe. It comes in a 500g plastic container and you press the pump to get a dose come out. It's good. "A highly moisturising and protective hydrating gel".

  • thanks shaws what is in it..

  • isopropyl mysristate 15% w/w

    liquid paraffin 15% w/w

    It's for dry or chapped skin conditions which may also be itchy or inflamed.

    It is absorbed quickly and isn't sticky but leaves your skin feeling good.

  • Hi Shaws I get prescribed Doublebase, for the last 10 years now. I wash with it, it keeps my psoriasis at bay in my armpits but hasn't really helped with the dryness. Maybe I should start clingfilming over the gel again:-(

  • Helcaster, I'm sorry you have severe skin problems too. That's probably why your skin is still really dry no matter what cream you use.

  • Hi Shaws it was psoriasis and dry skin I went to the dermatologist for. I found out I had really low B12 from the blood tests they ran. I asked about my thyroid but they said it was ok. Strange that my Gp couldn't understand why my cholesterol shot up when he ran some bloods a few months after. Then he only gave me 50mg of cyanocobalamin which did absolutely nothing. When the NHS tells you your b12 is low, it's really low!! All those missed opportunities to get well. Anyway Shaws the severely dry skin has never left me, it's in my scalp too. I am aging horribly. Strange too that the psoriasis got so much better after taking Levo ;-)

  • Yes, it's strange levo helped your skin. I have seen this link, you've probably tried similar.


  • Well low thyroxine causes really dry skin! It was a definite link, I had the psoriasis at least 8 years and nothing shifted it until levo. I just have to wash my underarms in double base or I get sore really quickly, but no psoriasis, which was so bad my GP winced!

  • It is amazing how many clinical symptoms there is and how many the GP doesn't know. Although of course there could be other causes as long as not hypo.

  • The dermatologist I saw did run blood tests and I asked them to include thyroid, but as usual I'm guessing the TSH only way done, but it was normal, interesting though is at this point really low B12 was detected. When my FT3 was finally done at my request it was bottom of the range!

    I just wish they could all go on workshops run by Thyroid UK ;-)

  • Maybe we should put ourselves (collectively) up for hire when Endos are starting their training so that they can pay us a fee for actually being guinea pigs and they can learn how to 'properly' diagnose and treat people with a thyroid gland dysfunction. There's nothing better than being thrown in at the 'deep end' and they would end up knowing far more than they do nowadays. First, of course, would be to learn ALL of the symptoms by heart and to be sympathetic to the patients. :) :)

  • Shaws, if being a guinea pig means allowing baby endos to play snakes and ladders with dose to see what happens to bloods and symptoms then a big fat NO!

  • That's the thing Clutter - WE tell them what we want to be prescribed and the dose.

  • Phew, Shaws! I have been doing that since Feb last year. Overshot the T3 and vitD though :(

  • Great idea, I'll volunteer for that lol!

    I'll never forget the one and only time I saw an endo and told him my temperatures are in the 35's my skin is really dry, I ache all over and I'm constantly exhausted and he said it's not your thyroid! I actually couldn't stop laughing! I got a bit hysterical lol, I couldn't get my words out I was laughing so much!!

    Yeah, a bit of sympathy would go a long way! Think we are way off that though, if anything doctors are getting worse. But I do think based on my experience and reading the experiences of others, endo's are a special breed of useless doctors!

  • Helcaster, members have recommended using cocunut oil for dry skin. I've lathered it on to face, neck and hands since yesterday. One hand is still peeling from the last bout of chilblains but looks better already. I think my legs and feet will like it too :-D

  • I'll give that a go, thank you Clutter!

  • Clutter, Get your husband to give you a 'whole' body rub-down :) - or maybe not :) :)

  • and because they always get it wrong and never right there is actually never a rightor wrong with endo--what a clever choice of medicine to go into cos they never have to worry about a wrong diagnosis cos they never bloody give one!

  • I was in the opticians trying on glasses yesterday and my daughter took a picture and it wasn't the glasses on my face that drew my attention but my 'adams apple'. No wonder I speak as if I'm a 60 a day smokers :) :)

  • are hypo or hashi shaws

  • Hypo, Pettals. I think, initially, hypo has to be worse.

  • hi shaws I think hashi is worse as its autimmune and attacks, flare up and destroys the gland but underactive but be helped to regain its strength surely

  • Pettals, the GP who diagnosed my Hashi's had a thick blonde plait down to her waist. The plait was thicker than my arm. My envy was huge and that was before my hair started shedding, tangling and becoming coarse.

    Did you see Colin Firth dive into the lake at Pemberley in Pride & Prejudice? That caused a frission of summat or other :-D

  • Can't quite see Colin firth like that - each to their own...


  • Spare, only in that one scene, never seen him as a sex object before or since.

  • Oops - we maybe entering into no-no territory there...

    funny how us 'ladies' can say when chaps can't nowadays....

    OK we're just catching up....

  • oh dear me- the daily mail pic---- I have a stirring in me loins- must have a hormone waking up!!! maybe it will get rid of me dry skin... an dmake me 'air grow! :D

  • The only time I've fancied Colin Firth was when he danced a tango in a film whose name I can't remember, with a blond American actress whose name escapes me. Boy, was he hot!

  • NO I NEVER WATCHED it. will if they repeat.x

  • oh that hair is it fair tha tsome have so much.

  • Mmm yes, Clutter: Colin Firth.

    Anymore ideas? I want to see some good man meat.....

  • Johnny Depp in... just about anything! Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowsky. Kirk Douglas in Fifty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. Terence Stamp in The Collecteur - or even Priscilla Queen of the Desert, I Don't mind!

  • and two veg????

  • Will seeing it revive our hair loss :)

  • Colin Firth was so hot in Pride and Prejudice! What a tonic, better that HRT lol!! :-)

  • There's nothing wrong with you 2 then!

    I agree with Shaws - what are you on Pettals? (whistles...)

    (I watch tv on iPlayer or suchlike - adverts drive me brazil.... bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b05n8kfz/poldark-episode-2 )

  • well I have had hot cross buns yesterday and choc olate today and got a massive headache being on here and my face is sssooooooooooooooooo dry and parched it is bloody wicked. I am really feeling quite shite but so fed up, I am having to get my humour out for five minutes.

  • do you take hot showers? (I know given the topic I should be asking about cold ones.) Hot water strips the natural oils off the skin. Because I go swimming and chlorine is awful, I apply a hair product to my various skin bits.... it's castor oil and coconut oil mix. A little goes a long way. A very little. I get it at the West Indian store. Very cheap. I also use pure cocoa butter on my neck so I won't look like a turkey.

    It's bloody aging. The application of creams and salves started on the face and is not down the neck and starting on the arms. When it gets to the feet, I know I am not long for this world.

  • g, I al my intercellular cells seem to be dry! its weird, no I can only have warm baths as too hot make sme dizzy.

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