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Endocrine consultant addenbrook

Endocrine consultant addenbrook


I'm trying to find out if anyone had 4 operations on the same scar on the neck.i recently had half of my thyroid remove and a few other nodules around the area.

After 3 months of the operation it appears another tumor the size of a golf ball reappear.

I'm under the care of Dr H. S. at Addenbrook,

I was refered by Dr F. of the endocrine clinic in ipswich,Suffolk to addenbrook.

I have MEN 1 ,on 50 mg thyroxine,half a tablet of Carbergoline once a week,Vitamin D 25ug once a day.

The surgeon for ENT at addenbrook suggested that the tumor is not from the thyroid and Reccomended an mri,ct scan to be done.It seems never ending as I have the tumor crop up evertime and the surgeon decided that chemotherapy should be the way to go.

I am 50 and a single mom to a 19 year old son.

I am worried about my condition and they suggested that my son have the genetic testing done.

Can anyone help or advice which route I should go as the tumor is getting bigger each day.

I thank you kindly and looking forward towards anyone who could reply me.

The Carbergoline I took is to reduce the pituitary.

Best Wishes


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Zeider, MEN 1 is a rare hereditary endocrine disorder so I think you are unlikely to get many replies. If the tumour can be reached via your existing hemilobectomy scar I think that is a viable option. I had hemilobectomy and completion thyroidectomy was via the same scar. I imagine the amount of times the existing scar can be opened is determined by the amount of scar tissue.

I can't advise whether surgery &/or chemotherapy should be undertaken. Addenbrookes should be able to refer you to a MacMillan Nurse for counselling and to help you determine what to do. Genetic testing for first degree relatives is recommended.


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