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I have Hashi's now been diagosed 2 more auto immune diseases - anyone have this problem?

I have had Hashi's for 40 years,my GP sent me for a chest xray as a chest infection wasn't clearing . Consultant said it shows Pulmonary fibrosis. I have also had sudden onset of acute pain in joints which is ??Rheumatoid athritis?? he said,and since this is an autoimmune disease too I am undergoing blood tests for it . My father and grandmother had Rheumatoid, and my mother, and father both had Hashi's so but it seems highly likely I do have this too, as consultant said that autoimmune diseases are interlinked. Has anyone had either of these others -and how did you cope, as I am feeling very depressed about my future.

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I have read as well that if we have one autoimmune disease we can develop others. I have three.

I think the most important for your doctor can do for you is give you a Full Thyroid Function Test as well as Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. I just wonder if you've been undertreated all these years and your symptoms now exacerbated. I do know that some members have RA or PA or other autoimmune conditions.

The above is a list and the least they can do is to give you a full thyroid blood test as you've had Hashi's for 40 years. Pain is not uncommon with hypothyroidism and I had severe joint/muscle pain when on levothyroxine. Some people are diagnosed with fibromyalgia as their TSH doesn't conform to the modern method of diagnosing which is also very painful.

When you next have a blood test for thyroid hormones, don't take levo before it - take it after and have the test as early as possible as TSH is highest then. It is very unfortunate that nowadays knowledge of clinical symptoms is scant whereas before the blood tests were introduced all doctors knew the clinical symptoms and medicated with natural dessicated thyroid hormones.


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