i think I will just starve, and dehydrate myself to death, it will be easier, did you know green tea can be hazardous for hashimotos

I have deteriorated in every way this last few months, skin, hair, muscle stiffness, pain and aches, hair loss mega!-- I drink a lot of organic green tea instead of the normal cup of char- I take fish oils, from the deepest ocean, I don't drink coffee- sometimes sneak a bar of choc ,but now to learn that green tea could be wrong for hashi, and I didnt know that there is Th1 and TH2 type hashimotos. right now my thyroid is hurting an di feel a lump on it. I dread anything more going wrong. I am so bloody fed up with all this. damned it you do and damned if you don't. oh yes and CURCUMIN...

precisionnutrition.com/rr-g... dopey mare, I have put the link here now..


73 Replies

Pettals, has the deterioration in health been since you started drinking green tea?

well I dont know really clutter, because I am never very well,for years, so always trying various stuff and been drinking the tea ages now, well over a year, I think I am having a flare up as my thyroid feels uncomfortable, my body temp this morning was 35.5 its always no more than 36... but lately the hair has come out mega- and the dry skin is wicked, I have put th elink on the top now, I forgot to paste it.

I'm sorry Pettals you are feeling so rough. I thought you had begun to get a little better a while ago. Have they changed your medication?

Dark chocolate is good for you so go ahead and enjoy. We have very little pleasure if we are constantly unwell and do need a pick-me-up now and then instead of a put-down-fed-up -no resolution by doctors to recover our health.

You've had serious problems with your ear(s) to cope with too.

One minute we're told 'this is good for you' and in the next breath it's bad for you. We don't know if we're coming or going but we have to keep trying even if exhausted.

Best wishes.

hi shaws, all I can say is , I had a massive family shock last year, I had to keep going while I was sortingout stuff, but altho ihave sorted stuff,ithasnt resolved the problem for my sister which has affected us all,i partly blame the shock as I cant deal with stress now. the rest I will blame the endo as he is rubbish. I thought he was ok - he is as longas there are no complications.

I'm sorry Pettals. I understand about you not needing anything stressful when you aren't properly medicated yet - after all these years. I am sorry as well that it was family problems that have exacerbated things and hope at least that has settled for the present.

I didn't know green tea isn't good for hashi's so we will have to, when first diagnosed, search google for foods that aggravate the condition.

It takes a while for our system to settle down after traumatic events and hope you begin to improve and I think many Endos are o.k. when we don't have a problem/symptoms.

have you got hashi shaws?

No, only hypo thankfully as hashi's must be worse.

Oh no, Pettals, that sounds disastrous. It is so disappointing to find out what you have concentrated on to improve your condition does the very opposite. I'm trying to recall what is in Green tea that may be a deterrent. I'm afraid it is trial and error with this condition. Will stopping the tea get you on the road back?

hi, H, I doubt stopping tea will help, I have too many probs, I am listed at the docs as multi probs, funny I wonder if that is why I dont really get anywhere.

A possible cause could be that any tea is grown in very fluoride rich soil and the fact that the tea is still green could, perhaps, increase the concentration... Dr P states quite categorically in his book that fluoride should be avoided completely if possible.

It's also a goitrogen. But... How much do you actually drink, Pettals? A couple of gallons a day? How do you feel just after drinking a cup? Do you still have a working gland? There are always so many variables, nothing is cut and dried.

Also, the fluoride is natural, not the poisonous synthetic chemical they put in our toothpaste!

a couple of gallons grey- I struggle with food and drink hate our shitty water cant buy bottles - re sodium.. juice toooooooooo frcutosy- tea too acid, green tea too whatever for hashimotos, alcoho ltoo boozy, coffee too stimulating, just had an stress echo test on heart and couldn't eat 2 hours before so up at 5 as I was awake and agigtatied. had 2 spoons of homemade museli crap, then a boiled egg-- oooohh egg. should I eat egg... so iwashungry at 3.30, and nurse gave me a cheese and mato brown sani and cup of teanot green... I justhad a pizza for tea asi am too tired to cook a gluten free unsatuated dairy free egg free food free meal..x

What's wrong with sodium!?!? For goodness sake, Pettals, chill out! Just eat what you fancy and to hell with it! You obviously are feeling any better for giving up all this stuff, so stop giving it up!!!

Did you read my comment lower down? Not the one about the animal cruelty, the other one. You need a varied diet and giving up all this stuff is making it more and more difficult. Eating should be a pleasure, not a chore. Enjoy!

yes mummy I read it after I posted the sodium, it was sodium tha t iread about as m ysodium is high... so that's why ididntchill grey. but I have had apizza tonight. and awaitin gyour cake.

Well, it's very easy to make, so enjoy! lol And stop torturing yourself. Was it a good pizza?

not bad,not frozen coop hand strectch sourdough with ham mushrooms and cheese.

Sounds delicious! Hate those frozen things!

I was told to take 1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan Salt daily dissolved in warm water then drink 20 oz's of water after it. Our body is made up of high salt and if we don't get enough of healthy salt we will retain water. This is orders from functional doctor.

i had no idea it was agoitrogen grey after all the things I look up..

Yes, but Don't worry about it. If it hasn't affected you by now, it won't at all. Drink your tea and enjoy it!

Goitrogens aren't things that work Under-cover, they're out there in the open. If one affects you, you'll know about it!

to be honest I take so much stuff in supplement form then leave I tthen get something else I dont tknow if I am coming or going,now I have left it all off. it normally id for adrenals an dhair.

yes, I know what you mean. But none of that stuff would halt a goitrogen attack!

So sorry you're feeling rough, Pettals {gentle hug}.

Wasn't it a bad batch of T3 that triggered this off?

I think being born as me started it off.

Hello petals I can't offer any useful information but just wanted to give you a big big hug xxx

thankyou so much..

Me too, hang on in there. xx

thankyou everyone and hugs back as we are all ill. xx

I feel so sorry for you Petals that all I can do is say a prayer for YOU.

God Bless you and help you to feel better.

Marguerite9 xx

thankyou for that marguerite, I do believe in God but sometimes, I just wonder what he is doing, if he has gone shoppingand lost his way home or just plain cross with everybody! but ther are so many of us ill here that it just gets beyond belief- I mightas well eat bacon eggns and fried bread every morn with toast n butter, normal food , tea cakes and chocolate cream,pizza takeaways and no supps or meds..... what say you?

Well, fried bread AND toast might be a bit excessive! lol But if giving up so much stuff doesn't make you feel well, why not eat it again? I do! Tried gluten-free and dairy-free and still felt just as rotten. And Don't feel any worse for starting eating them again!

For those of you that believe in the link between the mind and the body - and apparently a lot of you do! lol - Don't you think that eating a miserable diet has a negative affect on our health? If we can at least look forward to a decent meal, and enjoy eating it, wouldn't that have a positive effect on us? I think so. A little of what you fancy...

Of course, I did have to give up strawberries, corn, walnuts and pears for a few years because the goitrogenic effects were so very strong with me. But now that I no longer have a functioning gland - well, not so as you would notice! - I can eat them again!!! Every cloud has a silver lining...

just got backfrom hosp after a stress echo test and had halfpizza thru tiredness and yes looking forward to shit food when yu feel shit is just plain shit..

So Don't do it. Just eat what you want and to hell with it all.

Have faith Pettals and just say a little prayer and you see, you will get and feel a lot better. I will also say one for you. Prayer is very strong.

Instead of bacon, eggs, fried bread etc., how about a bowl of porridge?

You can also have a piece of dark chocolate each day. I am just trying to help and I am not very clever like some of the other people who answer questions and help everybody. They have often helped me.

I do think you will feel a bit better soon. Just say that little prayer - just a wee one.

A big hug, Marguerite9

you are helping marguerite9 and thankyou so much.

Petals, I'm in same situation !!!

There is an awesome article on foods to help us in Woman's World magazine you find in grocery store stands. I usually don't buy them, but this is interesting. Can't beat the price of $1.79 usd

Hope it helps.

Going for sleep study tomorrow.

With your thyroid swollen and painful I would make an appt with my ob/gyn and ask her to do some test and ask her to add any you want done as well. They deal with the hormones and may get you better with their knowledge rather than stupid ass endo. Especially during this flare up as sometimes we go and it's not happening right then.

Good Luck!

hi victoriasecrets, i am in the uk, i don't think we get that mag, but that ob? gyn gyno? whatis the ob, that is an idea.

Obstetrician. lol

Hi! It's gynecologist (female dr)

I had gastric sleeve surgery for wt loss because I was gaining weight for no particular reason.

Now eatting is a chore and I'm never hungry and I'm needing to find out what I can eat too.

You maybe able to get the articles off line. It's this months issue.

I will try and upload the articles for you too.

sorry for yu Victoria I wish I could help.

Have your Vitb12,folate,ferritin ,iron ,Vit d levels checked.I have read where if you have any gut surgery you are at high risk of Vitamin B12 deficiency which can cause a whole host of symptons depression,anxiety,nausea,ringing in ears,pins & needles,numbness in limbs,migraines,brain fog,myalgia.Trust me it just gets worse my hubby & I were misdiagnosed now we have permanent nerve damage.

and Victoria secrets i am sorry you are in th esame boat. it sucks!


and why you DONT have to go gluten free.....

Brilliant article! Just what I've been thinking.

It could be the caffeine in green tea that upsets you Pettals, my adrenal specialist advises no caffeine or anything that puts a stressor on the adrenals.

I think everything upsets me..

who is your adrenal specialist joyia and are there any goo d endo in your area?

Do like common-sense articles pettals, and this seems to be one. Thanks for posting.

Just a thought, and this is from my own experience only - I realised that tea was making me feel very unwell, although I had no idea why. Finally I discovered that tea is very high in oxalates, and I have a food intolerance to oxalates. Sadly oxalates are found in a lot of plants, including coffee, chocolate, sweet potatoes, spinach, quinoa, beet roots, rhubarb, and many more. You might try following a low oxalate diet for 2/3 weeks, just to see if it makes any difference.

can yu help out here please, I am so tired , what can I eat any ideas would be appreciated.thanks.

Hi Pettals, I know exactly how you are feeling regarding food. I was in the same boat a few months ago and survived on chicken broth with courgettes and carrots (mashed to start with) as sides. However, it did seem to sort out a flare and than with my kinesiologist's help I got back on track with more varied eating choices (including some gluten as wheat is the problem really for me not gluten as such). But food is still a source of stress for me as it is all so individual how we respond to stuff. Hope you will improve soon ...

With hugs X

you too- it doesn't become pleasurable does it.

yes I had a week with bone broth and stew for brekki lunch dinner , I look like a cabbage with a carrot on my head!

They there petals, I don't know what you can earth stop you feeling tired but felt like giving you a t'internet hug. Also to let you know that if you hold a chicken upside down they can't sneeze? Apparently.....cough....

Just trying to give you a smile on a Monday. Wishing you well. X

Is that like holding a guinea pig upside down by its tail? If you do that their eyes fall out ...

Sounds like animal cruelty to me!

Aww, pettals, have a free cyber (((hug)))

I remember reading something about not drinking green tea ages ago - I don't like it anyway, but I live in dread that someone says that I should stop drinking peppermint or camomile tea. I hate that I have had to change what I eat and drink, and hate that I can't just go out for a meal without worrying about whether I can find anywhere suitable (am veggie, gluten-free, and have a few food intolerances).

We shouldn't have to fight for our health :(

i agree and sympathise hugs to you too.

Hi Pettals, I am fairly new to this site, but I read with interest your post. I am no expert on all things thyroid (recently diagnosed, by Dr. P, and on the verge of self medicating. So I have been looking at all the stuff, dietary etc., that I can do to help my body, the green tea or any tea for that matter I think might be an issue as it contains fluoride, and a double whammy if you live in a fluoridated water area, which I do. Fluoride is really bad for your thyroid, it blocks or inhibits something (told you I was new), but I am sure someone with more experience will be able to enlarge or give you the rationale on this.


i resorted to organic gree ntea as it is supposed to be antiimflammorty and helphair regrowth.you cant bloody win!

Give up the green tea, I've just read it can cause enlargement of the thyroid gland. All teas are bad for thyroid as they are full of flouride and caffeine. You sound as if you are addicted to caffeine so expect bad head-aches when you give it up.

that is just plain shite- I have a tea shop in my kitchen , herbal, fruit, green black some decaf some not afternoon tea, breakfast tea, Darjeeling, rose, lady grey, man grey, oh dear.. what the heck can we poor sods eat drink to be merry wine or whisky?

Well, there's no need to be so rude, just trying to help. If you are too set in your ways to listen to good advice then you are beyond help. Green tea does cause problems with the thyroid, it's beyond despute.

jjones, I think you have misinterpreted my answer- there is NO WAY that I was being rude- what I was saying is this.. it was just plain SHITE simply because everything we like, causes us problems. I too had read exactly the same as you, which is WHY I said it was just plain shite - I was in no way meaning yourself or any thing you said, and because we both had read the same, I was AGREEING WITH YOU. I was saying that simply because I have so many teas at home that I cant enjoy- because of what is in them. I have been on tuk for years now and I am NEVER rude to anyone, we are all here to help one another. I do hope I have clarified that situation. life is short and iti sbad enough we feel ill , so why would I wan tto be rude. your accusation as upset me as I am sure you were too. please read it again, in context to your post, you will see thati wasn't meaning you hopefully. I appreciated your input very much JJ. thanks pettals.

Hi pettals (((Hugs))). Feeling worse by the day too at the moment as I had to come off Nutri Adrenal 2 weeks ago for Cortisol test on Wednesday. Skin very sore, cold and tired. What are GP's playing at to let us get this bad! xx

hugs to youtoo.jbee

I hate this for all of us! This sucks royally and Drs don't want to learn the newest things out there.

Sometimes I'm sure death would be easier !

Been to so many drs and repeating myself has me hopeless and to point when I see or hear questions I break into tears.

Then being exhausted and not functioning normally for years, hearing "well you do t look sick" from people makes me feel like punching them in the throat.

If I ever get 3 wishes

It would be for the drs and everyone doubting our problems and or not practicing fixing them to have our symptoms and feelings for 2 weeks so they could experience it themselves.

The other would be for new improved body and get back the years I lost fighting this shit.

I you all have a good day. I'm getting ready to do next test

An overnight sleep study. I laugh because it's probably going to be like usual a LACK OF SLEEP 😖😞

yes Victoria I agree, when I was recently at the neuro hosp tryingto tell the 3rd doctor that for 5 years ihave had heavy painful unbearable pressure that builds in my head and wakes me- 5 years ago I put up with this all night everynight for 2 years on the trot- I had no sleep I dosed in day and night I dreaded, as soon as I dropped off to sleep this strange head pressure built up it was like blood vessels swelling in my skull, if it burst I would have relief. NO -ONE has investigated it and it still goes on except it is so much less severe, at my last apt in January -- doctor-- do you exercise? no--- i am too tired as i dont get any sleep, I am exhausted, I havenet had sleep for 5 years. doctor says-- well do some exsercise it will help you to sleep!

oh forGods sake lady what don t you understand????????my friend chimed in-- She doesn't have a problem GETTING to sleep, she has a problem STAYING asleep becos the head pressure WAKES HER UP!. blank look from doc. oh well I will make a apt for ayear and see ho wyou are doing.............

If, as you say, your thyroid is hurting and has a lump on it, I think you should visit your GP.

Hope you feel better soon.

Sorry to hear that you are feeling so rotten.. What do you eat at the moment? Just a rough idea. It could be an idea just to go back to basics and eat a "normal " diet. Is there anything that you eat that you enjoy? Do you eat meat? Or veggie? do you like things like veggie chillis?

I have a friend with CFS. He has a similar problem with pressure in his head. The Doc can't figure it out. I had problems with my head when I was thyrotoxic. I thought I had little men sanding down my brain and it felt like it would explode.

What meds are you on and have you changed them?


hello carrots, well I think I am too complicated for anyone to be bothered now as ihave been to various hosps an dhad loads of tests, and not much in the way of findings. so far, high IGM and no conclusion, I thinki must have bug in, my system. severe blood pooling, vasodepressor autonomic mediated syncope, hashimotos, neuropathy, stage 3 kidney disease liver not great, multilevel disc degeneration, degen' facet joint disease, lumber spondylolisthesis, nerve compression, cervical spondyloisis. much hairloss, periods of low acth and low cortisol, which is always ignored. very dry skin,like a scaly snake, like I wash my face in soap and leave i t to dry outside, thin skin with no elastin or collagen, charmingpic eh. I don't have an appetite and if they tested me for lack of leptin I expect they would confirm buti doubt if they even heard of the word.

The body aches & hair falling out can be lack of Vitamin b12 .Ask for B12,folate,ferritin,iron,Vitamin D levels.I had thyroiditis due to over prescribed thyroxin.Ill health continued ,6mths later diagnosed with Vit b 12 deficiency with MTHFR.Google Sally Pacholok's book Could it be B12 ? Contains info you won't find any else,

hi Marylymy b12 is over and above, mthfr gene never been testes and idoubt if they heard of it, shame cos I have just askd for antibodies and vit d to be done never toh thougth to ask for mthfr.

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