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Very high T3

I've been trying to counsel my friend, Lee, who is hypo and diabetic. She takes 3 grains of Armour times 5 days a week. She never had anything but TSH tested. On my advice she got her doctor to also test T4, T3 and antibodies. The tests indicate she does have Hashimoto's. She suffers from constant fatigue, foggy thinking, lack of concentration and constipation. Here's the puzzle. Her T3 was 331 (76-181). What does this mean?

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Teenarocks, what are your friend's TSH and FT4? Do you know whether your friend left 24 hours between last dose and blood draw? Her total T3 may be over range if she ingested NDT a couple of hours earlier and the T3 was peaking in her serum. If she left 24 hours it is likely she is overmedicated.

Why is your friend dosing 5 out of 7 days instead of a smaller daily dose x 7? Your friend will be lacking the benefit of T3 twice a week dosing this way. T3 needs daily dosing because of it's short half life.


Thanks, Clutter. T4 was 1.1 (.8-1.8). The lab neglected doing TSH. Doc says he won't make any changes till he has TSH results. I asked when she had taken meds and she couldn't remember (total brain fog!). I also questioned the 5 day dose and she just said that's the way her doc told her to do it. She will be retested in four weeks and I've cautioned her to not take her hormone that morning. I'll FW your comments to her.

If her T3 was peaking would it be that high?


Teena, I don't think the dose peaking would almost double her TT3 over range but as I said, I don't understand TT3. Lab error is a possibility. The T4 result doesn't indicate over medication. You might suggest your friend changes to daily dosing 2-2.25 grains, I'm sure a regular daily dose will improve clarity of thought and fatigue more than her current regime.


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