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Unexplained weight gain ! Any ideas ?

It's seems every night I go to bed I am waking up with even more weight on my stomach, it's properly all over but I am noticing the stomach weight.

I have an under active thyroid, pcos and hyperparathyroid.

It's feel,like water.. Due to the hyperparathyroid it difficult to do any strenuous ex cerise for two reasons, I can't stay awake long enough and i don't have the strength or energy. Some times unloading the dishwasher is enough or the thought of it!!

It's bad enlighten with brain fog with an under active thyroid but this is something different completely.

Does any one have any ideas what I could do to help with the weight problem, I can't take water tablets because I have a stones in my liver

Thank you in advance

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Well I have an under active thyroid and this time last year I was on a very strict diet of no wheat no gluten no dairy no sugar and I had to weigh everything, I lost three stone and never felt better my blood pressure was down and I had loads of energy


Amanda, how long have you been off thyroid meds? Undermedication is the likely reason for water retention, fatigue and lack of energy.

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About 5 weeks, Imhad run out, and prior to my last scan thy wanted me to stop taking my meds, I have ordered some from a source you gave me. Just have to wait for them to arrive x


I have changed to gluten free bread for instance and no longer have bloating of the stomach. I have not gone completely dairy free, but am totally organic and eat more fruit and vegetables. I keep dairy to a minimum. I am still experimenting with my own personal dietary changes, but have found juicing to be a wonderful addition to my overall health. Everyone is unique, but the advice on this site is wonderful and then it is up to you to find what works for you.


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