Graves or Hashimotos

Hi. I recently was tested and discovered that I had TSH of 7.92 (range 0.5-4.0) and TPOab of 692. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism due to autoimmune and prescribed with levothyroxine (now on 75mg after second testing and a noted reduction in TSH levels). I am confused though because all the research I have done points to Hashimotos but my GP has told me that I have Graves' disease and that it can't be too bad because my eyes aren't bulging (his exact words). He has written that I have Graves in my notes. Am I going mad or is he mistaken?? I would have thought that the fact that I have been prescribed levothyroxine clearly points out that I have hypothyroidism rather than hyperthyroidism?????

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  • Good grief! Is your doc close to retirement age? I hope so! Your thinking is correct, that you are hypo, not hyper. Someone with active Grave's has a TSH close to zero, and you certainly wouldn't prescribe any thyroid medication to them!

  • Loofoz, your doctor's wrong. TPO antibodies mean you have Hashimoto's. Thyroid Receptor (TRab) is the antibody test for Graves disease which causes autoimmune hyperthyroidism. It's not common, but Hashi patients can also develop thyroid eye disease (TED) and some hyperthyroid patients have TED but negative Graves antibodies. Some unlucky thyroid patients have Hashimoto's and Graves antibodies.

  • You have Hashimotos disease. Please find another doctor!!

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