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Due my bloods what do you recommend?

I'm due my bloods even though I was having my bloods checked on a monthly basis while pregnant and then at my post natal check the Doctor at the hospital said to stay on my increased does. My little one is now 6 months old and nurse at my GP surgery has requested them. I'm feeling the best I've ever felt since long before I was diagnosed so really don't want them to alter my medication. Do people usually take their normal does pre bloods or wait until after their bloods are done to take their medication? X

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I am glad you are now feeling well and there's no need to change your medication, particularly if they advise reducing which they sometimes do if the TSH is low. Most of us feel best with a low TSH and it can mess us up severely if they interfere with our meds when we feel good.

You must not take your levo before your blood test as it can skew your blood test by lowering the TSH and therefore doctor may reduce your dose. 24 hours approx is best to elapse between your last dose and blood test. Take levo after blood test and have it as early as possible. If you have breakfast before blood test you must leave two hours either side of taking levo so nothing interferes with the uptake.

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