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What are the tests other than the hormones and tsh that I should ask for when seeing my GP.


I'm going to see my GP next week and I need to know the exact tests I should ask her to do, I have asked for my iron etc, but was told I need to find out about my ferritin rather. I also need to do my cortisol and adrenals.

I just need a comprehensive list of them all, going forward so I can work how to combate them.

Alongside thyroid medication

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Stormx, the usual thyroid tests we recommend you ask for are TSH, FT3 and FT4 and thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibodies to rule out or confirm autoimmune thyroid disease. It's not necessary to repeat antibody tests if you've already had them done unless they were borderline. Lab may decline to test FT3 unless your TSH is suppressed <0.03.

Ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate are the vitamin tests recommended once or twice a year. If you have had iron tested recently it may not be necessary to test ferritin which is 'stored' iron.

Most people here recommend the private spit test from Blue Horizon or Genova to check cortisol as it apparently gives better results than the serum cortisol done on NHS.


Stormx in reply to Clutter

Thank you for getting back to me, my go had ordered the normal tests but I wanted the added vit ones, just so u know where I stand. I have been taking them but wih no avail so well see

Thanks again


It would be a good idea to have ferritin tested instead of the usual iron test gps do. My lack of iron was not picked up with the usual test they do. Also ask for iron studies. You need tested your T4 and T3, vit amin D and folate as well as vit B12.

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Thank you, is the ferritin test different from iron? She has put the standard hormone tests, but I'll get her to do my vit b12


The ferritin test shows your store of iron and is a much better test than the one GPs usually offer which I think just tests the active iron in your blood. There is also an iron studies test which a private dr rcommended I have as this can also pick up low iron commonly missed.

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