What can I expect ?

Just a recap,my TSH is 2.57 and t4 12.4 I've kept on to my Dr about this and says all is fine,but because ive kept on he has referred me to heamotoligy,I also have b12,vit D and folate deficienys,tested negative for thyroid antibodies and neg for PA,my dad has uat,what should I expect from the appointment ?? Will they do more bloods or just look at recent tests ?

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It might be that your deficiencies of B12 and Vit D are causing your problems. I would think your GP would have told them of your thyroid hormone results.

I will give you a couple of links and tick off the symptoms you have (although they could be due, as stated above, to your B12 and Vit D).



This is the problem,I have a lot of those symptoms anyway,even after loading doses of b12,its hard to know what's going on tbh,just hope the visit can help :-(

If you take one step at a time and when Vit B12 and then Vit D are optimum you can then concentrate of your thyroid hormones as these have to be taken for life and have to be optimum otherwise we don't feel well.

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