Returned from holiday

three days ago. Felt ok when I got on the plane, 5 hours later when I disembarked, felt lousy. Since then I have had all original symptoms return - I have Hashimotos, so aching muscles and joints - and a new one, burning legs! They feel like they are on fire. I am wondering if this is just coincidence, or something to do with the flight? Must admit my legs did feel a little 'tight' at times. Am taking ibuprofen atm.

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  • Beanyjeany, could the burning be related to the rash you've had on your shins for a few weeks?

  • Hi Clutter, I suppose it could, but the burning sensation isn't just my shins. Went to GP regarding rash btw, he said it was a petechial rash, and to get a clotting screen done, which I did, and bloods came back ok. He said it would go eventually. I just detest feeling ill :(

  • Beanyjeany, Fri night's not a great time to have a burning skin issue :(. You could try calamine and an antihistamine tablet to see whether they calm things or your pharmacist may be able to suggest something.

  • Good idea, we have some piriton, never thought of taking that though! Thank you :)

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