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Nausea, weakness and sweating bouts

Hi Folks,

I have been struggling with what seemed like over replacement symptoms and yo-yoing temps. I have asked about this before but have some additional symptoms. My last bloods did register over the range FT3, normal T4 and suppressed TSH.

I lowered dose after reading about pooling and some of the adverse symptoms did reduce. Janie Bowthorpe suggests HIghT3 with hypo-like symptoms is most likely pooling. I felt hypo with hyper-like sweating and reduced from 3 grains to 1.5 with good effect quite quickly.

My worry at the mo is that over the last few days I get bouts of sweating...usually on exertion, freezing cold later in day...that cold right inside that feels like it might be more neuro. I dunno. I have had slight nausea too. Last night I had waves of weak feelings which worried me. Hard to describe. This morning I stood up from pc seated and felt weak for a few moments. Yet again..hard to describe. I have also been working hard out side for a number of hours each day and getting chilled. I can't seem to take any cold temps. Last night my Blood Pressure and pulse rate were low. As per usual. I can always feel when it raises - usually after the t3 hits, and not for long. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with adrenals or I just need to rest up for a while?

I am on Vit D for low ferritin (30) - Spatone natural water iron, as well as other supps.

Thyroid hormone currently: NDT at 2 grains am and about 5 mcg t3 at tea time just to get me through the evening. It does seem to calm things down. Should I hold this dose for now?

Grateful for any thoughts.

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Could it be you whacked your dose down a bit low and it's time to maybe increase by a quarter or half grain?

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It could be Jody. I added an extra half grain before bed last last with no adverse surges. I've taken two this morning and I'll take another half again tonight and try and hold.

Thanks for reply :)


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