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Pregnancy and birth with hypothyroidism

Hello, I'm am looking for some advice. I am currently pregnant with hypothyroidism and was hoping to have a home birth. I've been diagnosed fora little over 1 year now but only managed to reach a stable level in June last year. I was just wondering if anyone has had any serious complications and or anyone who has had successful births with this condition. I am checked monthly for changes in my levels and it has bee strictly monitored. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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The two main things when pregnant:

1. Your dose should increase to about 1.5 x your original dose. If you were taking 100 mcg levothyroxine before pregnancy, you would need somewhere around 150 mcg levo (some more, others less) during the pregnancy. The main thing is that your dose should be increased.

2. T4 is important to the baby's health; you should not be on T3-only, or on a dose of desiccated below 3 grains, because that barely has enough T4 for both your needs. If that is too much T3 for you, then you could take a lower dose of NDT and combine it with additional T4.

More info:

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Welcome to the forum, SmummyG.

Congratulations on your pregnancy :)

As your hypothyroidism is being carefully monitored throughout your pregnancy your baby's development should be good and there is little likelihood of you experiencing post-partum thyroiditis.

This member didn't experience any complications and gave birth to a lovely baby a few months ago

The link below contains guideline documents for pregnancy and thyroid disorder.



No personal experience but my cousin has had two straightforward pregnancies & two gorgeous girls.

I know she was monitored & did have her dose increased while pregnant. She also breastfed both until they were over 2 years old.


I had no complications during pregnancy or birth - had my bloods checked regularly to ensure dosage was OK.


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