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Thyroid swollen ????

Im really very worried because the right side of my neck seems to be a liitle swollen.been to dr twice first time was given antibiotics.Second time was told it looks like a swollen muscle.Im worried it could be something to do with my thyroid.its starts from bottom of my ear side of my neck. If it was thyroid nodule etc where would it be?. Thankyou.

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Hope, get a glass of water and drink it while looking into the mirror. If the lump goes up and then down as you swallow it may be a nodule or goiter. A goiter is a swelling of the thyroid gland often caused because the thyroid is trying to produce more hormone or because of an autoimmune (Hashimoto's) attack on the thyroid gland.

How long have you been on Levothyroxine and what dose are you taking? Do you have recent thyroid results with the lab ref ranges you can post and have you been tested for thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibodies?


Hi clutter i have been on thyeoxine for 5 years after suffering two late miscarriages Dr put me on present am on 100 mcg. I granj water and i could see the Adams apple going up and down when i swallows.the swelling i have is on the side of my might be the musclebi hope it is.


Hope, adam's apple always goes up and down. If the swelling went up and down too it's likely to be a thyroid nodule or goiter which your doctor should examine and perhaps refer you for an ultrasound scan.


The front of my neck goes up and down even when i swallow that i thnk is my Adams went down in pregnancy when i was given a higher dose of levothyroxine.its the side of neck i need to go bak for.hopefully i will be going Drs nxt week.


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