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Full blood count , help please

Full blood count , help please

Hi ,

Hopefully someone can have a look at my latest blood test. Gp suggested it as still struggling with m e type symptoms and getting nowhere despite trying T3 added to T4 , and now T3 alone , just can't regain my energy . She said this test came back completely normal so just wanted to see what anyone else thought.

Many thanks,

Amanda x

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Hi Amanda

I don't see any thyroid results on there, did you have a full thyroid panel also?



Hi pennyrose,

Yes I posted them last time ( from mid Jan) free T3 5.5. Free T4 19.4

TSH 0.58

Supposedly all good ?!


Could you edit your post and post a picture which is the right way up please. I find it too hard to read when its upside down.

(I'm assuming that I'm not the only one seeing it upside down).


Doh ! Trust me , sorry, will do


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