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T3&T4 versus NDT

Advice please... am currently on 125 Levo. on alternate days with 100 the other. Have been off of work since mid November due to brain fog, extreme tiredness, lack of concentration. Most worringly for me, my glands under my jaw have been raised since Aug and ache/are sore....Dr thinks I am depressed but I feel that this is not the case. Had to have massive dosage of Vit D (count was 10) and am now on this daily. I have gritty eyes, blurred vision, oh the list is endless and nearly all correlate with being hypo.... have an appointment with endo at the end of the month. Am hoping for answers/solution but am not convinced that I will be given them. Am at present unable to work and am concerned as I also have an elderly parent that relies heavily on me. My question is... will they perhaps suggest combined T4&T3 or would I be better off on NDT?

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Hi Highcliffe

Really sorry you are going through this. Do you have any recent blood tests you can post so that people can help and advise?



What was your Vit D result, the reference range and the amount that was prescribed?


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