I sometimes wonder whether I'm just obsessed with thyroid issues.

But when I looked at the photo of this young man who tragically jumped in front of a train after an "inexplicable, sudden, brutal and remorseless decline into depression", my eyes were immediately drawn to his neck...

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  • That looks like the adams apple.

    I suffer from the same as you, I also see swollen necks everywhere.

  • You are not alone - I see thyroid issues with so many on TV and in daily life :-) Especially Escape to the Country - where people of a certain age are planning for their retirement. I often think their gentle hobbies give it away - as when you are Hypo then crotchet and knitting spring to mind !! Then of course the lines on the neck - the awkward gait - ( B12 deficiency ! ) Then Prime Ministers Question Time and all those enlarged throats/necks ! - yikes I could scream ! And so it goes on ! Next - Newsreaders.....

    I think what you are seeing in the photo is the Adams Apple - which in some people protrudes more - which in my non-medical opinion is linked to the thyroid being slightly enlarged ??? Have just watched Andy Murray beat Gilles Simon in Rotterdam ( my other obsession ! ) - and he too has a very large Adams Apple - which may be a message. Look at his feet and he always wears LARGE ankle supports and has huge problems when reaching out and often over-balances. Flat feet is another symptom :-) Yes he is a good player - now - but just think of those emotional outbursts early in his career and today the bad language was Red-Hot. I have thought for YEARS that he may well have a thyroid issue going on.... Lower back issues being another sign.

    OK obsessives we may be - but wouldn't it be great if more Docs could see what we see........... :-)

    This lovely young man may also have been iron/B12 deficient - so many young people are....which again links into low mood. A very very sad story....

  • No I don't watch it - but know what you mean :-)

  • We tend to have a lot of programmes about Alzheimer's in France, and I can't help noticing that all the patients are over-weight, have swollen necks and missing half their eyebrows! A connection or a mis-diagnosis?

    The neck area is the first place I look when I see people, followed by the eyebrows. I see so many people that must have a thyroid problem. And, worst of all, there's a health programme on TV here, where doctors come on to talk about a certain subject and spout rubbush, and the presenter is so obviously hypo, and I can't help wondering if she knows! She never mentions thyroid at all. And if she doesn't, what is she doing presenting a programme like that and lecturing people about how to stay healthy. It's incredible.

    But on the subject of Adam's Apples, I once found a thyroid site where the so-called 'doctor' said 'the thyroid - otherise known as the Adam's Apple - is at the base of the neck...' lol Can't remember the name of the site.

  • ..thank god they are not looking at diagnosing me :-)

  • Interesting about Andy Murray - I'll have to take another look! He lost to Gilles Simon though, just to set the record straight :)

  • You are absolutely right. Heaven knows why I reversed that in my mind. I do it with letters and words often - but not with something as serious as AM los to GS - thanks for telling me :-(

  • I have to confess that I like Simon and I don't like Murray - but I'm actually a Federer fan through and through ;)

  • I like most of the French boys ! :-) Also Djokovic has been a favourite since I first saw him play. Del Potro has a place in my heart too - now there's another one I worry about - his Carpal Tunnel with operations on both wrists :-( Hypo Mum perhaps ? Love Bagdhatis - Special K entertains me well too ! Oh hell I love them all :-)...and I just love tennis. Still play the odd game having started a tennis club here in Crete.

  • Oh we share a lot in common - I also like DelP (hadn't thought about thyroid for him, hope not for his sake) and Djokovic, and Tsonga/Simon (though not Monfils). Of the young bloods I like Dimitrov and hope he can meet the expectations of him. But Federer stole my heart in 2008 - I've seen him play twice and he is like no-one else :)

  • Did you see Wawrinka play yesterday in the final against Berdych - played a stormer and won ! I have on the computer and can use the Catch Up - suits me well !

  • Yes I did, thought Berdych would take it after the first set, he looked very strong, but then Stan came back and Berdy faded, so a good win for him.

    Maybe we should take this conversation to pm before we get deleted for being off-topic!

  • ooops ! :-(

  • I see it everywhere too. My sisters refuse to get tested and say that just because you and mum have it doesn't mean we do. Still they are on antidepressants, high blood pressure medications always tired and snappy. I say no more.

  • sure DENIAL is one of the 300 symptoms linked to being HYPO :-)

  • Lol. I hadn't seen this one there. One of my sisters younger than me suffers so much. Heart beats blood pressure you name it. Still all is unrelated. So yes. Denial. Symptom

  • I am very sorry this young man has taken his life. You could be right. Strangely enough I thought this evening of how many suicides are actually due to either too low a dose of thyroid hormones or undiagnosed. We have seen plenty of sad stories on this site whether they have been incarcerated in a hospital due to their mental condition.

    I had re-read the story of Lorraine Cleaver of the Scottish Parliament Petition. I also remembered the story a young bereaved Irish father who wrote a couple of years ago about his hypo wife on levothyroxine who drowned herself in the sea and left three young children. It's tragic isn't it. The failure of the medical profession incapable of a solution. After all - 'it's only our thyroid hormones which are dysfunctional' but we cannot get the option of trialling one which makes us well if levo doesn't work.

  • hadnt heard about this young man but i do remember when i went into deep depression after being taken off levo by the gp. i was about to walk out of the house not knowing where i would end up. the reason i didnt go was seeing my little dog and cat standing by the door as if they knew what i planned to do. a few hours later i phoned the hospital and pleaded for someone to help me before it was too late as i couldnt go back to the gp as they wouldnt listen.

  • Hope you are OK now and having optimal treatment.....Keep those B12 and VitD levels up as they help us to feel really well. Sunshine makes us happy as our D levels go up - so when the sun isn't shining then we have to top up with LOTS of VitD.. :-)

    Thank you for sharing....

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