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Dr just given me amitriptyline

Just came back from doctors as I have lost all movement in toes on left foot and the hot hands and feet at night are a nightmare

She given me the above drug has anyone taken it

She also refered me yo a Neuro as she said I have absent reflexes bit scared but got to get this soughted she is also doing more bloods inc b12 which she said was normal last time it was 388 im still convinced it is b12 even if that level is within range!!!!!

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I had amitryptiline when I was hyper and had not long started block and replace. I thought I was going hyper again but a wise person on here said I was pribably needing an increase in my levo - turned out her advice was spot on. Anyway, I went to see my GP about my symptoms, I had about a month to go before I went back to see my endo, my GP would have given me beta blockers but I have asthma and can't take them. My doc suggested I take amitryptiline explained what it was and said that it was used more as a painkiller these days than a tranqliser as it had been in the past. She asked if I was willing and explained that at the dose I wiuld be taking I was highly unlikely to get hooked on it ( my worry!) so I tok it. I took it long enough for my pounding heart symptoms to stop then phased it out so that by the time I got to the endo I had stopped it altogether. My endo raised my thyroxine and next time I had similar symptoms because I needed an increase my doctorjust gave it to me.

My B12 was Tested at around the same time and was only just within range 327 (211 - 911) although my endo said that was fine. My mother had pernicious anaemia and I suspect also undiagnosed hyperthyroidism whether or not it was Graves I don't know do because of that I took it upon myself to raise my B12 with Jarrows sublingual Methylcobalamin.

Good that your doc is testing your B12, hopefully vitamin D, ferritin and folates as well.


I am in the process of purchasing these did you find that it helps. My B12 was lower than yours 247 dropped from the 600's doctors always say normal, but have been advised by many that it is low. They would not give me B12 injections.


Yes, I took the 5000mcg and that brought it up to nearly 700. My lab range was 211-91. Do you know what caused yours to drop? I never knew what mine was to begin with. I can't understand why doctors seem to be quite happy to have you sitting just inside the lower part of the range.


No I don't know why mined dropped. All I know is I feel tired all the time. I shall try my luck with Endo. He gave me the ferritin so why not the B12. I have nothing to loose asking him. Failing that I will be buying Jarrows sublingual.


I take 20mg Amitriptyline for migraine. It certainly helps me sleep but I don't think it helps with me feeling groggy in the morning.



As Fruitandnutcase said, Amitriptyline is prescribed mostly for pain relief purposes, can also help with sleep some say. Sufferers of Fibromyalgia could/can be prescribed it (like myself).

I would say worth a go. Make sure it is low dose (10mg), and best to take after a meal early evening. Took a week or so for it to help my pain.

I 'm confused though as you don't mention pain.

Have a Google of Amitriptyline, and go from there.

Hope you get sorted and feel better soon.



I do have some pain but not unbearable toes just won't move but at night when hands and feet get hot they get so hot there painfull

Also I have a numb patch in my cheek

Blood form is requesting b12 tsh fbcand folate I had my vit d tested some months ago and it came back 115 but I don't have range for that as it was before I knew the importance of them


Rush, vitD 115 is good. Optimal is 75-200.


Ideally we should have a B12 towards the upper end of the range. I guess yours is around the middle. If you cursor down the left hand side of this link to read re amitriptyline:


I would ask surgery what is the top of the range for B12 and go from there. You are being referred to a neuro anyway, which is correct if you have problems. This is an excerpt from another link:-

Use with caution in


Young adults.

Elderly people.

People with decreased liver function.

Heart disease.

People with an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism).

People taking thyroid medication for an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism).

People with a tumour of the adrenal gland (phaeochromocytoma).

Men with an enlarged prostate gland (prostatic hypertrophy).

People with a history of difficulty passing urine (urinary retention).

People with chronic constipation.

People with a history of raised pressure in the eye or glaucoma.


People with a history of epilepsy.

People at risk of seizures (fits), eg due to alcohol/drug withdrawal, brain damage, other medicines.

Psychotic illness, eg schizophrenia.

Bipolar affective disorder (manic depression).

Read more: netdoctor.co.uk/depression/...

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I belive b12 range was 300 to 900


Then 388 is much too low. I'd aim for top of the range, esp as you already have neurological symptoms.


I would supplement with B12 methylcobalamin sublingual. It then bypasses your stomach in case you have a problem with stomach too, without yet knowing it. The stomach has to absorb B12 and even low stomach acid can reduce the uptake.


We cannot overdose with methyl B12 as our body takes up what it needs and excess is excreted in urine.


I took amitriptyline in low doses for neuropathic pain. It may have been a coincidence but within two or three months of starting it I developed sinus tachycardia - very fast heart rate (up to 150 beats a minute) when doing nothing to cause it, so I gave it up. (Tachycardia is a known side-effect of amitriptyline and is listed on the patient information leaflet.)

There were other things going on with my health at the time that could have caused the sinus tachycardia, so I may be wrong in saying the amitriptyline was to blame. I may try it again one day, because it was actually very successful for reducing my pain.


I think that you should find out what is causing the pain. Hyper and Hypothyroidism can cause Neuropathies and Neuralgia, Fibromyalgia type pain and proper thyroid treatment eliminates it.


Hopefully the neurolgist will get to bottom of it endo said my tsh is one in range !!!


I recently was prescribed amitriptyline for nerve pain and insomnia. I started on 10mg for the month of January and I really struggled to function. I was sleeping all the time and had a hung over feeling. I then had to increase to 20mg in Feburary, wow I couldn't function at all, I couldn't think, all I could do was sleep.

I went to the doctor on Monday to report to him and he has reduced my dose to 5mg eg: half a tablet. Yesterday I had a stinking headache but today feel a bit better. Interestingly he said that some people are extremely sensitive to the drug and experience what I did.

He wants me to try half a tablet as it was originally proscribed by the rheumatologist for the above symptoms. No relief in nerve pain yet and still to get used to the dosage.

I have hypothyroidism and possible sjogrens.

Hope this helps. I would just say proceed with caution.

Regards xx


When my B12 was the same as yours, I had almost lost the use of my right arm, I could hardly raise it and couldn't grip anything. And I had lots of problems with my feet (pain etc). The arm has got better since I started supplementing with B12, as others have said, but the feet are taking a bit longer. Do you know the Japanese consider anything Under 600 as being deficient? I'm sure the neurologist will pick up on this, but in case s/he doesn't, you can supplement yourself - but don't start supplementing before seeing him/her, or it will skew the blood test results.

I'm now considering getting some B12 cream to rub directly into my feet to see if that will give faster results. You can buy it on Amazon (but come to that, what can't you buy on Amazon! lol).


Thanks grey goose let us know how it goes with the cream I'm a bit skeptical but anything is worth a try


Well, not quite anything! lol But I have tried some pretty weird things in my time, compared to which, B12 cream is positively mundaine!


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