Should labs be testing for T3 and T4 ?

Had my bloods done the other week,I had asked the nurse to write on "On T3 only,please test" but they didn't. They only tested the TSH. Saw my gp to check and his response was "TSH is ok so they won't." He also said it's more to do with how you feel. Which I thought was good but then went on to said,as long as we keep a check on your heart.

Well,I thought T3 was good for the heart. So should the labs be checking both T3 and T4,for the sake of the heart? Is the TSH important? are blood tests a waste of time and money?

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  • NHS is only concerned with tsh, a very poor marker of thyroid health. T3 is the most important to check as it is the active hormone. You can get your own tests done and save your energy as the NHS will simply not do t3, that is why they keep so many people ill.

  • Also a waste of funds.

  • Totally but NHS has not yet grasped the concept of a false economy

  • :)

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