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Relapse after rai and sore throat

I had radioactive iodine in October 14 - became hyper again in December 14 and recommenced on carbimazole which has now been stopped again by the endo last week . Problem is I have felt blooming awful since the relapse in December - ie fluctuating blood pressure and pulse - lethargy - and hoarse voice -

Had a very sore throat for 2 weeks and Was given antibiotics over a week ago but still bringing up blood stained sputum in a morning and still have a raspy voice . And still tired all the time but bloods are more stable apparently - t4 - 11 and tsh 0.03 .

The endo thinks it's not related to the thyroid but I'm not so sure !! Anyone else similar experience ? Just feel as though the docs are being very dismissive

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Debpat, When RAI kills off some of the thyroid gland sometimes the dying cells dump a lot of hormone which can cause temporary hyperthyroidism until things settle down again. It can take TSH quite a while to recover from being hyperthyroid and yours is still suppressed but your FT4 doesn't appear to be high (as far as I can see without the lab ref range) so you aren't hyperthyroid at the moment. Your GP/endo should continue testing FT4 in addition to TSH because it is possible that TSH may not recover and may remain low but FT4 below range means you have become hypothyroid and require Levothyroxine.

A throat virus isn't necessarily connected to hyper or hypo thyroidism but it's likely your vitamins and minerals were used up during your hyperthyroid phase and may be low which can make you susceptible to infection. Ask your GP to test ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate. Post the results in a new question and members will advise whether you need to supplement.

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If I am ever stressed or doing too much I get a sore throat and that's a signal for me to stop and take a step back, you have been through a lot, I'd recommend finding a really good acupuncturist, I see one every three weeks and she keeps me on track - and even if it's phsychological it's working.....


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