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anyone else suffer from random swellings? Over the last two years thi has started. Sometimes its my mouth, sometimes arm, leg, foot; today i swelled up around the area of a blood test on my arm. I used to think it coincided with menstruation but it seems to be going crazy at the moment. The other day I woke up and my eye had swollen up. Not funny when I think one day it may be my entire tongue meaning i wouldnt be able to breathe. I have some anti histamines from the dr but they take a while to work,,,and no good if i start swelling when Im asleep.....)-;

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Morena, try taking an antihistamine every day for a week to see if the swellings stop. If they do it means you're having an allergic reaction to something you're eating of drinking or a medicine or supplement. Finding what's causing it may be tricky though.


Hi Clutter; thanks - a good idea except that i can sometmes go for more than a week without having one and then have quite a it would be difficlut to tell....I am being referred to an immunologist . It is quite scary when i think of the possibilities. I really just wondered if it could be related to thyroid issues. The other day I had a severe reaction to a bloodtest (swelling my whole arm and bruising; it still hurts..). Getting really fed up with the unrolling of health issues since starting all this..)-:


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