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Another off-topic - but non-the-less important for our health! I read an article recently, which says that GMOs might soon be coming to Britain. I can't find that particular article anymore, but there are a lot around on the same theme. Here's one of them:

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I got all Fluoride out of my water, 3 years ago, just got rid of fluoride toothpaste and have been off all milk for 3 months, cut out gluten, for the 3rd time, 3 weeks ago, and eat free range non hormone meat mostly, organic laundry soap and got rid of my body lotion and traded it for coconut and cocoa butter..and i am still puffy, painful and tired. I feel there is something else behind my symptoms besides all this. Very depressed that none of my efforts pay off..ever!!


That does sound hard. It does sound like there must be something else, but I have no idea what, I'm afraid. Still, it can't be bad to get rid of the toxins like fluoride, even if you don't feel the benifit immediately.

Reply is much healthier anyway.


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