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Cost of Armour Thyroid - How much do you pay?

Hi Folks,

My partner is taking Armour Thyroid and it's working pretty well - but in Ireland its a very expensive medication. Obviously it's worth it if we cannot source it else where but was curious about what other people are paying - i have options to order this in the UK / NI or France / Spain when we or friends/family are on holidays.

We are paying Euro 70.00 for 100 60 mcg tablets (it's a similar cost even if the tablets are 30 mcg or 15 mcg tablets). This is about £52 Stg.

If you are using an online pharmacy that is dependable then i would love to hear about this to in a Private message,

Thanks in advance

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Hi, I've sent you a PM.


Thank you Helcaster!

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I am in Ireland too and have just paid the same as you-hopefully someone has some good tips! I know with Australia I cannot use my Irish prescription and need a local would be interesting to know if it is the same for Europe?


Just picked up armour and shocked at cost! Gone up by 30e from last script. Same for anyone else in Ireland?? Would appreciate online supplier details for next time. Just paid 110e for 200 tablets of 30mcg as 60 mcg not available. Thanks.


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