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Bt results

My thyroglobulin came back as 0.9 and anything under 1 is classed as undetectable. Had no antibodies so result was reliable so over the moon. Will be tested again 30 june.

tsh 0.01

Free t4 28.3 (range is 11-24) blood test 5/1/15 and had thyroxine reduced from 250 to 225 6/1/15 to help reduce fatigue and reduce the t4. So next blood test end feb will be lower hopefully

t3 4.9

so pleased with them

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Sweetpea, great news on the undetectable Tg and Tg antibodies. Apart from one result post RAI which meant a follow up RAI whole body scan which was negative for uptake, mine has been undetectable. My next Tg and TgAb test is May. One of the surgeons on the multidisciplinary team said recurrence is very rare as long as Tg is <6.0. Undetectable is much better. :)

Your other results look good and the dose reduction will help reduce FT4 and hopefully won't cause FT3 to drop. Post your next results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results).


Thanks clutter I will.

fingers crossed for yours in may.

Its such a relief I try not to worry about it but I do from the bt test till results for the thyroglobulin. Its like a big sigh right lets get on with life till the next test x

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