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Bloods confused

Hi guys just need a bit of help. I have been off carb for three weeks now just had bloods back tsh. 0.65 ft4 12 t3 .5.3 range from lab tsh 0.6-3 . T4 10 -24. T3 .2-5.78 . Last blood test when I was taking carb 4 weeks ago was tsh 3.20. T4 10 t3 .3.00. Can some one please explain my results to me thank you.. of course the doctor just said normal. But I am a little concerned about my tsh and t3 thanks friends xx

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Hi. Your TSH and t3 are still in range at the moment but it is a good idea to keep an eye on it. Do return to your doctor at any sign of hyper symptoms returning. How you are feeling is very important. If you are feeling hyper then you might want to ask for a second opinion.

I am not very knowledgable on hyperthyroidism but hopefully someone will be along soon with more information or personal experiences. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Carolyn x


Wendy, your results look better off Carbimazole. TSH is good, low in range, FT4 a bit low and FT3 good in the top 75% of range. Ask for another thyroid test in 4/6 weeks to check levels. If TSH drops and FT3 goes over range you will need a small dose of Carbimazole. It does take a few weeks for levels to settle after coming off Carbimazole.


thank you clutter .. you explained it so well for me .. thanks so much xxx


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