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Which one of these is the best Endo clinic? Thanks.

I have an appointment in Endocrinology - and my choices are

1. Cheltenham General Hospital

2. Bristol Royal Infirmary

3. Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

4. Tewkesbury Community Hospital

5. Royal United Hospital - Bath

I would love if anyone has had any appointments at these for there thyroid could you please tell me what you thought of them....in private message please ....thanks....so I can make a better choice.

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no point whatever in going to glocester or cheltenham or Tewksbury cos they are all run by same endo

Bristol may be best bet IF THEY REMEMBERED what Coin Dayan taught them


Thanks for the advice


I live in Gloucester, I wouldn't know but if you guys would like to meet up for a coffee at anytime please do get in touch via here. X


Thanks babe....maybe when Ive moved house that would be nice.


Hi Anuba, I am very interested as well in what replies you get....I live in Stroud. having heard not so great things about our local hospitals, I cast the net a little further and found the wonderful Churchill Hospital (called OCDEM...oxford college of diabetes and endocrine medicine) which seems to be a little more progressive...(they even do cortisol curves!!!). Sadly my lovely consultant is leaving for a teaching post and there will be locum for a while, so it will be pot luck. However, on the whole I think the whole department is a bit more progressive. I believe referrals there have to be tertiary ie that you have had no satisfaction with your local hospitals (ie secondary) but it maybe worth checking this out if oxford is not too far for you to travel. Hope this helps, katey


Thanks very much for your advice.....I may end up taking it if I dont have a great experience here....Im probably going to Cheltenham one as nearest to me x


Hi Anuba

I live in Gloucester and could not even get an Endo appointment locally. (NHS).

My instincts tell me that I would go to a city like Bristol in preference to

Cheltenham or Gloucester.

Just my thoughts.

I hope it helps you decide.

Carol Ann


thanks babe


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