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Thyroid results and hypothyroid symptoms

Hi Guys,

I have 'CFS' and my CFS symptoms have become horrendous in the last week (usually bad and sofa bound but now cannot walk up the road/ out of bed, sleep 18hrs a day).

Having looked over my test results and more importantly symptoms recently I am strongly convinced I am hypothyroid, hence why I have had the thyroid test done with you and am awaiting results.

My symptoms are:

-Extreme Fatigue

-Memory loss/cognitive issues

-Put on weight and cannot lose (for about 5 months now)

-Very low resting heartbeat of 46-48bpm (use to be 65-70)

-Dry skin on hands and shoulders

-Hair Loss

-Muscle Cramps in feet (started yesterday)

I looked over my Thyroid History and it is as follows:

TSH-2.97 June 2014

T4- 15.7 June 2014

I know that you would treat based on the information on your website on my T4 level, and I have had TSH tested again this week at my GP and it has gone up to 3.47. I know this level alarms many of the thyroid community that I have read about and the fact that I have such strong symptoms too seem uncanny. I know in the US they strat treating at 3.0.

Interestingly before I was ill I used to natural bodybuild as you know from my notes and did a lot of ketogenic dieting which I believe messed up my thyroid-this was in the 6months-1year prior to me getting CFS.

​What is confusing is that I had a private test done this week also, and the results are as follows:




So not only are these in the normal range (i know 'normal' is subjective) but my TSH has decreased from 3.47-2.71 in less than a week. Both blood tests were in the am taken 2 hours apart.

Has anyone got an ideas?


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Have you considered having your anti-bodies tested to see if you have auto-immune thyroiditis - Hashimotos ? It would be helpful to have the ranges next to the results as labs differ.

You could also be LOW in VitD - B12 - Ferritin - folate - Iron. These are not tested automatically and have to be requested. Low B12 can mimic being Hypo.... All results need to be HIGH in their ranges....Ferritin around 80/90.

You do not say how long you have been diagnosed with CFS - but it could also be your adrenals....

the Above website has good information about Adrenals and of course the Thyroid. Click onto the Adrenal Heading at the top of the site page....


Hi Kinoble,

I'm diagnosed CFS/ME/FIBRO, ME specialist clinic assessed and said 'yes but also many symptoms over & above too'.

Since then it's also been discovered I only have half a thyroid gland (non surgery), micro pituitary adenoma after two years from start of 3 1/2 years unwell.

My hormone bloods are showing as within ranges, like yours. My Endocrinologist is not interest beyond these & has little expertise (if any..he's a diabetes man) on atrophied thyroid or pituitary. Off course they may not be the real problem.

I've seen that many various specialist, tons of bloods, scans, MRI's you wouldn't believe. I'm being tested for other things now.

In short, CFS can sometimes be diagnosed due to overall symptoms without any other obvious cause. Did your Dr's get you checked for many other things first?

I'm lucky I have a brilliant gp.



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Some people believe that CFS/Fibromyalgia are connected. This is an explanation from Dr Lowe (deceased).


Re the difference in blood tests - they do vary a bit between labs. But TSH is also subject to circadian rhythms - so TSH levels are highest first thing in the morning, and slightly lower in the afternoon. What time did you have the bloods taken for your private test?

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