Deleting of Posts - A Polite Request

We have had a number of incidents lately of people writing posts, which people have kindly answered, and then the original poster has deleted their post.

There is very rarely a good reason for deleting a post, even the Admin team only do this in extreme circumstances.

Unless absolutely necessary, PLEASE do not delete posts which people have taken the time to reply to.

The Admin team will take action to remove anyone found to be habitually deleting content, for no apparent reason.

If you are unsure of what you have written for some reason, you could write it out in a Word document first and then copy and paste it into a post.


Louise Warvill


Thyroid UK

On Behalf of the Admin Team

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  • Louise, what happens if someone leaves the group completely, do all thier posts automatically disappear? Or do they stay here for ever and ever?

    Just asking because one person I answered to apparently left the group and her question was apparently deleted.

  • GG - if someone just leaves Thyroid UK I think that their posts still stand - but if they delete their whole account - so leave HU - everything goes.

    I'm not totally sure though, will test it...! :)



  • Thank you, Louise. :)

  • Yes - If someone just leaves a group their stuff will remain.

    This also counts if someone is restricted by Admin.

    In order to delete all content, you need to delete your whole HU account.



  • :)

  • I just wanted to add that you can always edit a post rather than delete it if there is a detail you'd like to correct or something you'd like to clarify. Under the text there is a little arrow and it will allow you to delete or edit.

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