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I have been ill for so long with so may weird things in my body that I started to jot everything down and all my research findings. however in the old days when all this started, and I was on deaths door, I grabbed any book so all my stuff is in a hickle pickle in 2 or three books, but I hav e written DO NOT THROW AWAY on th e covers. I am still writing down info so thati can leave these for my sons for reference when I have gone.

they contain info on dangerous drugs, good food , nutritional supplements , what to take, what not to take, what to do for endocrine, what to not eat for endocrine, what to do for hair loss , prostate, best vit c, what causes hairloss- ie. DHT, follicles that get lactic acid build up, substance p, nervous system, fight nflight what addisons is, how it happens what a n addsions crisis is, I was quire surprised at the amount of info which I had to find out and what I had kept, I had enquired about a ghost writer for a book but the exspense is beyond me. now I am trying to find ways to get shot of this inbalance by natural means and whil e thinking, I was wondering if anyone here has fixed themselves by taking IODINE, I remember dr sherry tenpenny swears by iodine, altho one has to be careful not to overdo it, if anyone has had results please let me know thanks.

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  • I don't pretend to be an expert on this, and I'm sure others will come along and add to the discussion, but as I understand it, it depends on what type of hypothyroidism you have - ie if it's been caused by an iodine deficiency then it's OK, but if you have autoimmune thyroid disease, iodine can make it worse. Hope someone can put me right on this?


  • You are correct. I have Hashis - took iodine on recommendation from a doctor, which then caused my thyroid to stop altogether and me to collapse. Paying for it for past year.

  • Morning fellow warrior :-D

    This comes up a lot, so it might be worth a search on the site.

    But I'd recommend not taking it. I've read some horror stories - you should certainly never take it without knowing for certain that you need it via blood tests etc. I have a feeling that Grey Goose in particular has some very strong views on this. It can do way more harm than good.

    Of course, if you're on any form of thyroid hormone replacement you're already taking a form of it - it's in both levothyroxine and liothyronine.

  • thanks lets see others views be interesting.

  • Hi. Re iodine. I researched the "for " and " against" argument about iodine and decided to take some in the hope that it might help my flagging thyroid.

    Well - after 2 months my thyroid completely packed up and I virtually collapsed. Apparently if you have Hashimotos and antibodies taking iodine can be the worst thing you can do. I am now paying the price for that because that event has caused all of the problems I am now having with NDT and 24/7 internal trembling that no-one can sort out. Beware if you have Hashis!!

  • THAT IS AWFUL, I am supposed to have hashi as well but no one checks my antibodies.

  • no one has sorted my trembling either MAMadness. bu tstill still check the sub p.. something has affected your nervous system just like mine has.

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